1129 Protective Towards Siblings

    Chapter 1129 - Protective Towards Siblings

    Jiang Yang said, "I expect your brother to do the same as you did in the past and not trouble her anymore."

    This change in Jiang Yangs behavior was surprising for Lu Feng. To think of it, its not just now, but he was changed even before or since they had started spending time with Lu Lijun and his friends. It was impossible that a smart person like Jiang Yang would not understand what was going on. He just chose to ignore it.

    "Is it because he is younger than her?" Lu Feng asked.

    "Its because my sister would never want it. Whoever will try to trouble her has to face me, and Lu Lijun is not an exception," came one more cold reply from the protective brother.

    "When she didnt want to be with Lu Qiang, you were the one to play cupid," said Lu Feng.

    Jiang Yang sighed as if he regretted something. "Not sure if I had done the right thing at that time, and she ended up like this."

    It shocked Lu Feng, and he raised his voice. "Do you mean it was a mistake that she married Lu Qiang just because he died and left her alone?"

    "I just wish if she had been in the USA always, all this wouldnt have happened. To get her out of her pain from childhood, I ended up leading her to another way that gave her nothing but pain again." The guilt feeling of his actions covered his face.

    Lu Feng couldnt believe it as he could only feel helpless in front of his friend, not knowing how to counter his thoughts.

    After a short pause, Lu Feng said, "This time, you are wrong, Jiang Yang."

    It didnt affect Jiang Yangs determination. "The thing that would end up opposing your brother would look wrong to you, and its understandable. But I dont want to think about what is wrong and what is right. All that matters to me is what my sister wants. You can curse me, hate me, I dont care."

    "Jiang Yang….."

    Jiang Yang interrupted Lu Feng and said as he turned emotional, "Since she was young, all she had was pain only. It hurts me to think I was the reason to lead her to that pain all the time. First, it was my ignorance when she was in school, and later it was my greed to get her out of her previous pain and trauma. I was the one to lead her on the way to show the real happiness in life, but in the end, it didnt last long."

    "Everything is not over for her yet. She still has a chance to have a happy life," Lu Feng countered.

    Jiang Yang chuckled. "With your stubborn young brother?"

    "Its not about him. Its about the way you are thinking as if everything is over for her."

    "I never said its over for her. But to let her start anew, I need to take her away. If she doesnt want to start over, I wont mind if she spends her life alone. Ill be by her side always. Not like Ill ever marry someone."

    "What about Nicky? Werent you waiting for her, hoping she would be back one day?" Lu Feng asked.

    "Her chapter was closed long back when we decided to separate, and I know she wants the same."

    "So you have already decided everything?" Lu Feng asked.

    Jiang Yang nodded. "I had to after seeing her sick and mentally disturbed after what Lu Lijun did."

    "You can look at it in another way," Lu Feng countered.

    "I dont wish to. And stop insisting on it as I would not listen to you this time." Jiang Yang warned and added before Lu Feng could say anymore. "To us, she looks fine, but I know her; she is not fine at all. She is still suffering but doesnt want anyone to know it. Cant you see it? Cant you understand my reasons?"

    Lu Feng was calm as he could understand his friend. His sister, who was precious to him more than anything, was suffering for all these years and sacrificing for others. He was quiet for so long, but it seems like it was a limit for him now too.

    "I know her situation, and I can understand your reasons too. I just want you to give Lu Lijun a chance."

    "It wont happen. Also, you cant understand my situation because she is my sister who is suffering, and Im scared to lose her."

    "She is someone to me and Lu Lijun too. Dont forget we lost our brother, Jiang Yang."

    "Seeing someone you love suffering all the time is more painful than anything," Jiang Yang countered.

    "Are we measuring here what is more painful?" Lu Feng asked in disbelief.

    "To me, what matters the most is my sisters pain, and I cant see anything else," Jiang Yang replied stubbornly.

    "Yeah, I can see that," Lu Feng said sarcastically and asked, "What if your sister falls for my brother?"

    "I know my sister. It wont happen, so its better for him not to waste his time and trouble her."

    "I know my brother even better. I know he can make it happen, so its better to let him try and let her decide if she wants to be with him," Lu Feng countered confidently in the same manner as Jiang Yang.

    "Are you making a bet out of it?" Jiang Yang asked.

    "Our siblings lives are not that cheap to be used for a bet. Its just about letting Lu Lijun have his chance. And, anyway, your parents are searching for another man, so why not Lu Lijun?"

    "He is imm.a.t.u.r.e," Jiang Yang countered.

    "Maybe thats his strength. You, too, know Yuyan would never accept anyone, but Lu Lijun is different. He holds a different place in her life. The woman who was stable like a mountain was shaken up suddenly. Do you think someone else can do it? Does someone else matter to her to the extent of letting herself be affected? If it was someone else, would she have even tolerated it? Trust me, that person would have ended up in worse condition."

    "My sister is not a monster," Jiang Yang countered as he looked displeased.

    "She is not, but you know the truth," Lu Feng replied.

    Jiang Yang turned silent and Lu Feng spoke. "Only Lu Lijun can do everything for her."

    "Maybe but dont expect me to side with him. Ill be with my sister only."

    "What are you two talking about?"

    Just then Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lian arrived there, walking slowly along with Lu Bao and Lu Lian asked.

    It startled the two and Jiang Yang answered. "Quarrel between the couple."

    The other three smiled. "Brother Yang is still the same," said Lu Bao.

    "Only he can tease brother Feng," Lu Lian added.

    Jiang Yuyan looked at the two suspiciously and while they ignored her gaze.

    "So is it a cute girl or a naughty boy?" Jiang Yang asked Lu Bao to ignore his sister.

    They continued talking and left to go inside the mansion.

    "You understood what I mean, right?" Lu Feng asked in a low voice.

    "Still, Im not gonna go easy on him," Jiang Yang replied.
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