1148 Singlehood

    Chapter 1148 - Singlehood

    Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun entered the huge temple, which had a tall Buddha statue that could be seen when one reached the huge wooden door of the temple. It had many monks present inside. The family members were sitting on the cushioned sitting arrangement on the floor as everyone faced the lord. Like every year, Jiangs and Mings were invited as close families.

    The monks were saying a prayer that sounded like chanting as they continued to play a wooden percussion instrument called wooden fish, which filled the entire place with its harmonious sound.​​

    Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun sat behind everyone and did the same as what others were doing. They joined their hands in front and closed their eyes to pray for Lu Qiangs soul to be in peace.

    Soon the prayer was over, and all opened their eyes. Others noticed that Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun were there and felt relieved that they were finally there.

    When Lu Lijun looked at the old Monk sitting beside the Buddha statue, Lu Lijun found him familiar. He tried to remember where he saw him and then realized he was the same master at the temple in their village, and he was the one to approve his wedding with Jiang Yuyan. The monk looked even older as the ten years passed by. But what was he doing here, or was he always here?

    After the prayer, everyone had to bow to the lord where the Altar table was kept in front, which had one wooden stand with Lu Qiangs name carved on it and had so many scented sticks burning around it. The elder prayed for the peace of Lu Qiangs soul and burned the joss papers.

    The younger ones had to bow to the altar table. Lu Lian helped Lu Bao, and then it was Jiang Yuyans turn. When Jiang Yuyan stepped ahead to bow, the monk sitting beside the Buddha statue looked at Lu Lijun, who was waiting for Jiang Yuyan to finish it first.

    "My child, dont you wish to bow to your elder brother?" asked the Monk.

    It startled Lu Lijun, but he nodded slightly and stepped ahead to stand beside Jiang Yuyan. The two bowed to the Altar Table and the Lord buddha together and later burnt the joss papers.

    It was quite a surprising thing that the monk knew who Lu Lijun was- deceased younger brother. Lu Lijun was away from the family, not being able to visit this temple with them except for the days when he was a kid. But it might be due to Monk being familiar to the Lu Family for so many years as they visited this temple often, and the Monk even knew them from the village side temple and the legacy of the entire Lu Family from the past.

    Everything was finished quietly. The temple was on the hill, and one could see the mesmerizing view outside, with nature at its best to show the different colors that looked pleasant to the eyes.

    Jiang Yuyan went out of the temple and stood closer to the boundary wall, looking at the hills and sky ahead as she was quiet. It was as if she could feel Lu Qiangs soul there and wanted to be at peace with him.

    "How is she?" Lu Feng asked Lu Lijun.

    "Fine now," Lu Lijun replied.

    "This day is just the worst for us and especially for her," said Lu Lian.

    Lu Bao agreed and looked at Lu Lijun. "But our other brother is here to handle her, so dont worry."

    It startled Lu Lijun as he looked at Lu Bao, thinking if she knew about him and Jiang Yuyan.

    "He was the one to bring her back last night and took care of her, so we can rest assured," Lu Bao added, and Lu Lijun understood what he thought was not the case.

    "Not a big deal what he did last night. He was the one to trouble her most, so its time for him to make up for it." The sarcastic statement came from Jiang Yang, who came there with Ming Rusheng and heard what others were talking about.

    Lu Lijun looked at him and said coldly. "Ill do my best."

    Others sensed the cold air between the two and could only look at them.

    One young monk in the temple brought water for everyone in the small wooden containers that he carried in the wooden tray.

    "My baby is thirsty," Lu Bao said as she accepted the water after thanking the monk.

    Lu Lijun picked up the one and went to Jiang Yuyan, who was standing away from them.

    "Where is he going?" Lu Bao asked, and Lu Lian signaled her to look in Jiang Yuyans direction.

    Jiang Yang, who too picked up the water container for his sister, frowned as Lu Lijun already went to her. Jiang Yang looked at Lu Feng, to which Lu Feng replied to him with a light, teasing smirk.

    Jiang Yang gave him a narrowed-eyed look and drank the water which he had for his sister. When Jiang Yang looked at his sister and Lu Lijun, who offered her water, Ming Rusheng talked to Lu Feng in a low voice. "Whats with these two?" Ming Rusheng reffered to Lu Lijun and Jiang Yang.

    Lu Feng looked back at him and asked, "Whats with you two?" and passed his sight across Lu Lian.

    "Nothing much," Ming Rusheng replied.

    "Good then. Anyways, I like Wen Zac more," Lu Feng commented.

    "That means there was at least some liking left for me too," Ming Rusheng countered.

    "When someone doesnt appreciate the opportunity, then that liking is useless," said Lu Feng.

    Ming Rusheng turned quiet, and Lu Feng spoke again. "Dont waste too much time. You should be thankful to Lu Lijun for creating a mess and putting a pause on Wen Zacs matter. If you take too much time, I wouldnt mind seeing her with him."

    Jiang Yang looked at them and, as he heard a part of their conversation. He looked at Ming Rusheng and Lu Feng. "Let me clear one thing. For both of yours singlehood, my sister is not at fault."

    Ming Rusheng and Lu Feng looked at each other as if asking- you too?

    Jiang Yang sighed. "When one has such an amazing sister, one brother can only see so many hearts breaking around."

    "Its not the case now," Lu Feng and Ming Rusheng said at the same time to defend themselves.

    "I know, so please go ahead and marry someone soon," said Jiang Yang.

    "What are you three talking about?" Lu Han, who was busy with the elders, came there.

    "I was advising these two to get married soon," Jiang Yang replied.

    "Well, Ill advise you the same," Lu Han countered, and Jiang spoke, "I am happy being single."

    "And here you will blame my sister for your singlehood," said Lu Feng.

    Ming Rusheng glared at Lu Feng, giving him a questioning look.

    Lu Feng understood what Ming Rusheng thought and explained, "Other than Lian and Bao, I have another sister."

    Ming Rusheng remembered something and said, "I think I know."

    Jiang Yang was silent and again looked at Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan, who were looking at the mountain range while standing together silently.
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