1 Awakening

    Fan Hua felt pain all over her body. She heared voices in her sorrounding. She tried to open her eyes. She saw three pairs of worried eyes looking at her.

    "Mother she's awake!" a woman with worn out dress exclaimed with relief to an old lady while looking at her happily.

    The old woman nodded. Relief is also written on her face.

    "How are you feeling? my husband saw you beside the river and brought you here." the woman asked gently on her.

    Fan Hua stared blankly at them. Then suddenly a rapid pain rushed through her brain. Fan Hua scream. She felt like her head is going to explode.

    The three people inside the small bamboo house panicked when they saw her reaction.

    "Husband what happens to her?" The woman asked her husband worriedly . Should we call uncle Mo again?"

    While the three of them still in a panicked state,Fan Hua is sweating heavily while clutching her head when suddenly a random memory flood through her and coexisting with her previous memory.

    "I am Shuang. My family name is Zhu. My step mother wants to kill me while my father just turned a closed eye on me. I was being schemed by my sister and my step mother that's why I run away. In the midst of my run I ended up falling in the creak and the next thing I know I am already here." she told them weakly and the three people look at her in pity.

    "I am Mo Shan. You can call me auntie Shan. This is my husband Ren Tao and this is my mother-in-law." Auntie Shan introduced.

    "Miss Zhu, if you have no other family that will take you, you can stay with us and treat us as your own family..Rest assured we will take good care of you." Grandma Ren smiled at her assurily. Auntie Shan and Uncle Tao smiled the same too.

    Hua/Shuang felt the family warm for the first time. And she become a little emotional.

    "T-thank you." she thanked them earnestly.

    "Rest for now so you will recover quickly but before that eat this congee first." Auntie Shan said.

    That night, Fan Hua reorganize her memory.

    "So this body is owned formerly by Zhu Shuang. The eldest miss of Zhu manor. Daughter of the left minister and the late lady Ye Nuan a daughter of a merchant. But the Ye family was being annihilated and up to now the culprit is till unknown. Lady Ye died after giving birth and a year after minister Zhu married Lady Chen of the Chen family. A higher noble and cousin of the present empress in this empire. This marriage also helps Minister Zhu being promoted to the seat of being the left prime minister. Zhu Shuang lived a hard life under the hands of Lady Chen. Her father heeds no eyes and ears until later this Zhu Shuang can not bare it any longer and decided  to run away. But how could Lady Chen skip this opportunity to finaly wipe her off? Specially if the late Ye family still have many businesses on the run? Fan Hua smiled coldly and thought: 'Human is human. Selfish for desires of the heart. They will do anything for greed, money, power and ambitions ethier they will do it by good or evil the choice is up to that person. But Zhu Shuang, as a compensation for residing your body I Fan Hua will avenge you and your maternal family and this is a promise.' Right after she finished stating her promise silently, Fan Hua felt her body being light and relaxed.

    Shuang's body took almost a week before she recovered and another one week before she finally fully recovered.

    The Ren family is kind and warm people. They treat her kindly and warmly. In this month that she stay they make her feel like a true family and she was really touch and happy. Auntie Shuang is a bright and affectionate person. Uncle Tao is handsome and very loving to his wife and very responsible towards his family. They don't have a child but the both of them didn't mind it they were happy and contented. Grandma Ren is bubbly despite her age. GrandUncle Mo is also a nice person though he often quite most of the time and spent his day either drying his medicinal herbs or collecting fresh herbs from the mountain and the forest nearby. Their house was surrounded by mountains from East up to the north, forest by the south and west. Inside the forest in the west their's a long river that connected up to the Yin River in the Imperial City. Many use this wide river as a way of transportation to Imperial City. This place that she reincarnated is called Ming Empire.The first emperor Ming Qiang was the founder of this empire. The Ming rules this empire for 478 years up to pressent. This empire is not like ancient China at all. There are similarities but almost are very different. She felt like she can't wait to explore and discover this foreign place any longer but for the time being she needs to train this very weak body first.
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