2 Daughter of the Ren Family

    One month later...

    Shuang look at the family in front of her with an expecting eyes.

    "Ahhm, h-how is it? Shuang asked nervously. She know she can cook and added with her knowledge of modern food she know her food taste good but she can't help feeling nervous. Maybe because it is first time to her that somebody called family will taste her cooking.

    "Hahahahaha! It's my first time eating this kind of delicious food. I can say its surpassed those other restaurant that I had eaten already. I'm so lucky to have a daughter like you." Uncle Tao happily praise her while unstopably gobbling a mouthfull of food. When the rest of the family saw how Ren Tao happily goobling his food, they immediately pick up their own chopstick and start tasting the food.

    "This really taste good. Shuang you cook better than me. How did you learn this?" Auntie Shan commented.

    " You really should learn from the kid. I am the one who felt shame by your cooking when its being compared with this food."

    "Uncle Mo, rest assured I will learn deligently from Shuang. Right Shuang? Don't worry I am a fast learner." Auntie Shan grinned mischievously making Shuang speechless.

    "Hahahahaha. Shuang'er why don't make yourself becoming a real Ren. I think our name suits you well than being a Zhu." Grandma Ren recklessly blurted causing every one in the table become quite.

    Grandma Ren stop her food in the mid-air when she noticed that everyone was looking at her awkwardly.

    "What are you looking at me for? I'm just stating the fact here ah."

    "Ahhhem!" Uncle Tao cleared his throat.

    "Mother, I think this is not a good time to talk about this." Auntie Shan stated while looking at Shuang apologetically.

    Shuang was in a dazed. Truthfully she decided to change her surename for the safety purpose and besides she hates the family name Zhu. Added to this reason was because of the former Shuang's  words before she died. 'If I could only choose I will never choose being born as a daughter of Zhu Qing.' Remembering this Shuang can't help to smile at them.

    "I will be really glad if your family really accept me as a Ren and be your forever family." she seriously stated at them with a hopeful gaze.

    Everyone was stunned  while looking at her blankly. Then,

    "Ehhh!" a chorus reaction by everyone.

    "Hehe! Shuang'er, you really make this grandma happy." Grandma Ren stood up from her sits and embraced her warmly then she looked at her son and said."You heard your daughter Tao? So early tomorrow morning go to the local registrar and register Shuang in our family as your daughter."

    Uncle Tao nodded happily while Auntie Shan  was in tears. Grand uncle Mo was silent but happiness was written on his face too.

    Early in the morning, the Ren Family departed to the local town. The rest of the family have decided to go. Mother Shan was the most excited to go shopping for her dress. Father Tao and Grand Uncle Mo brought herbs to sell. The distance from their house to town is quite far. Its two hours walk from their house to the river and will take them half a day to travel by a small boat using a paddle before reaching the town. So they really need to depart very early in the morning.

    It's already past noontime  when they arrive in town. There's no much people walking on to the steet but there are still many local merchants selling different kind of merchandise. The building is mostly one-storey building that are mostly made of bamboo,wood,stones and dried mud.

    Shuang was being dragged by Mother Shan and Grandma Ren to the dress shop while Father Tao go to the local registrar and Grand Uncle Mo go to the pharmacy to sell their herbs.
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