3 The Overbearing Miss Wen

    Shuang and her company entered a dress shop store and mother Shan excitedly choose a dress for her to fit. Mother Shan choose three dresses with different color. Grandma  Ren go to the textile area.

    Shuang go on with a white color dress with tiny purple flower embroidery. She also picked up two plain color dress. One is light blue and the other is light yellow all with a matching veil. Grandma Ren bought half a roll of black textile. After paying 20 silver coins they go to the next store that sells shoes. Upon entering the store they were greeted by the owner. Shuang already found two customers inside. The three of them stroll inside the store. Shuang was holding a pair of white shoes when Mother Shan called her to come over while holding a pair of beautiful colored pink shoes with tiny white cloud embroidery. But before she got closer to Mother Shan, a young lady in a yellow dress snatched it from Mother Shan's hand.

    "Oh! How pretty. Owner Bu I'll  buy it. How much?"

    "It's six silver coins Miss Wen."

    "Alright, Fa'er give owner Bu a six silvers." Miss Wen told the other young lady to her side.

    "Wait, I am the one who picked it up first." Mother Shan react.

    "So what if you're the one who picked it first?" Miss Wen looked at Mother Shan while sizing up and down."As if you could buy this."

    'A poor woman wants to buy this beautiful shoes in six silver coins? Hhhhmp! Dream on! You can't even barely earn this prize in a month' Miss Wen thought disdainfuly.

    Upon seeing Miss Wen's behavior, Shuang rise her left brow while crossing her arms on her chest. Though this Miss Wen dressed up beautifully than Mother Shan, It doesn't mean Mother Shan cannot pay the prize. She know Mother Shan brought around 50 silvers with them. And Grandma Ren also brought her own silvers. The family's earnings is quite well compared to other commoners it's because their source of income is selling different kind of herbs. Medicinal herbs is quite expensive in this era. Maybe this is also one of the reasons why they choose to live in that secluded place.

    Shuang decided to interfere but before she could do Grandma Ren  is already on the move.

    "Aiya! Shan'er, commoner young people now a day just tasting a little bit of gold from their married family they already act like a part of a noble family. How ambitious!" Grandma Ren chirped in while holding a fan who knows where she get it. She walk around them leisurely while gently fanning herself mimicking the act of a noble lady. And the result is verry funny it's because of her worn out attire, slightly sweating wrinkled face, gray hair in a bun and a stiff walk. It's quite comical. Specially when she pout her lips while rising her two brows. Shuang cannot help but to giggle.

    When Miss Wen saw and heared Grandma Ren, she frowned then later she flushed. Realizing Grandma Ren's words she angrily pointed her finger.

    " You! How dare to talk to me like that. You've gut some nerves! You lowly old woman!"

    "Eh' did I talk to you? I don't remember mentioning your name ah'."

    "Old woman don't play dumb! It's obvious that it is me you're talking about!"

    "Don't accused me ah'.It should be me to be agry by your sudden burst on me! Why? did I said that your family married a noble family? I don't even know your name ah'. Who are you by the way ?"

    "Pfffft!" 'I never thought Grandma Ren has this side kick character' Shuang thought.

    "You!" Miss Wen was fuming furiously. Her small chest was moving up and down. While glaring at Grandma Ren  brightly. Then she turned to look at owner Bu. " Owner Bu, you know our family right? so sell this shoes to me. I will pay in a doubled prize." Miss Wen arrogantly said while she snobs Grandma Ren in the side.
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