4 The Helpless Merchant Bu

    Merchant Bu swallowed his own saliva when he heard Miss Wen's threat. Though it's true that the eldest daughter of officer Wen became a concubine of a noble family in the Imperial City, officer Wen is still the head officer in this town. Hence he cannot afford to offend officer Wen. But before merchant Bu can answer Miss Wen he was interrupted by a gentle and melodious voice.

    "We will pay 15 silvers for the shoes." Shuang interrupted. She secretly winked Mother Shan while Grandma Ren retreated beside Mother Shan.

    Merchant Bu look for the source of that melodious voice. And he was being stunned. A young lady in a simple white dress with veil walk slowly towards them. A very striking pair of obsidian eyes look through him and he was hypnotize for a moment. He didn't know why but he felt like there is something behind that beautiful pair of eyes. He didn't notice this young lady earlier because his attention was fully on Miss Wen.

    Miss Wen looked at Shuang too. When she saw that pair of beautiful eyes she suddenly felt jealous. She knitted her eyebrows 'Another fool who dares to fight me? Huh! Let us see until when will you be able to dare fight with me.'

    "20 silvers for the shoes Merchant Bu." Miss Wen gritted her teeth. She only have 30 silvers in her savings but she cannot lose face to this lowly people. She's the daughter of the Head Officer in this town. How could this lowly people look down on her.

    "25 silvers." Shuang stated while sneering inside her veil.

    "What? Are you sure you have 25 silvers in you right now? Don't bluff me."Miss Wen glared at her disdainfuly. "Merchant Bu I'm buying the shoes for 20 silvers pack it now before my patience runs over. And I swear you don't want something happens that is out of your control right." Miss Wen directly threatened Merchant Bu this time.

    "Alright Miss W---"

    "Who told you that we don't have silvers here? Merchant Bu, 25 silvers for the shoes." Mother Shan waved her pouch in the air. A clinking sound of coins can be heard inside.

    Miss Wen felt a stinging feeling on her face. She just said that they don't have silvers to afford the shoes but she was being slapped immediately.

    "Merchant Bu I want that shoes." This time Shuang's voice is gentle but a hint of coldness can be detected.

    Merchant Bu shiver subconsciously when she heard the young lady's voice again. Although he loved to have a bigger profit, he cannot help but to feel headache with this two young ladies. Earlier, he already decided to give the shoes to Miss Wen but who would have thought that this family have a quite amount of silvers in them. That they will be able to compete with Miss Wen? That they are brave enough to offend Head Officer Wen 's daughter? And now hearing this second statement of this young lady, he felt like he was standing in front of the Tiger's den. Wrong decision and he was finished. Merchant Bu was in a dilemma now.

    Miss Wen looked at Shuang. "Do you really want to fight with me? Do you know who's you are talking to ? I am Wen Xiang, the daughter of Head Officer Wen. Now back off!"

    "Heh' I never thought  that Miss Wen is such a coward. Using his father's official seat to threatened people over a pair of shoes. How cheap." Shuang mocked with her voice. "Hayyyst. If I am your father I would really felt shame. Tainting my reputation just because of a pair of shoes."

    Wen Xiang paled when she heard Shuang's statement. She can't help but to ponder for a moment. It was her first time experiencing that someone dared to fight with her over something. Usually when she stroll around the town, everyone will always give in to her and it's true that her father is very careful when it talk about reputation. 'Does father's reputation will really be tainted?'

    On the side, Shuang was already smiling inside. 'The fish finally entered the net. Next I just need to pull the net to get my harvest.'
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