5 The Proposition

    "How about we will settle this by a competition Miss Wen. What do you think?" Who ever wins the shoes is hers and the loser will pay the 20 silver amount as a compensation." Shuang invites enticingly.

    Wen Xiang hesitated. But the proposal is quite attractive. If she wins, the beautiful shoes will be hers without paying the 20 silvers amount. All she needs to do is to win.

    "Then how do we compete then?" she asked suspiciously.

    "Right,how do we do this competition? Hmmmm..."Shuang crossed her arms around her chest then she put her right forefinger in her right temples while pondering for a moment.

    "Then how about dash and snatch? Who ever snatched the shoes first will be the winner and our starting line will be outside the store." Shuang stated after pondering for a moment.

    "You offered this kind of game surely you're in an upper hand.  I will only allowed it if my competitor is not you but that woman or that old woman." Wen Xiang pointed at Mother Shan and Grandma Ren. If she needed to win she should be in the upper hand. She didn't want to compete with this girl because she felt like she will be going to lose to her.

    "OK,  my Grandma  will be the one to compete you."

    Grandma Ren was startled when she heard Shuang.

    "Shuang'er,  should it be more sure to win if your mother will be the one to compete? "Grandma Ren said. She didn't know what plan this girl had in the head but nevertheless they should win.

    "Right Shuang'er,  you should let me handle this task." Mother Shan  said.

    Shuang giggled. " Mother don't worry. I believe Grandma can handle this very easily."

    Wen Xiang sneered when she heard Shuang. 'Is she belittling on me? Whatever! you will still lose on me'

    Merchant Bu put a small stool in the middle of the store then he put the shoes on it.

    Grandma Ren and Wen Xiang was on the start outside the store.  There are some curious civilian who stop and peek while others slowly gathers around.

    Merchant Bu stand behind the stool while Shuang were standing aside near the entrance. Fa'er stand on the other side. By Mother Shan's go signal, the game started.

    Wen Xiang was obviously faster than Grandma Ren. It was clear because she was ahead to Grandma Ren.

    Shuang was standing near the entrance. when Wen Xiang entered the entrance, she discreetly flicked a small stone to Wen Xiang's left foot causing the later to stumble.

    Merchant Bu was really confused by the young lady's decision.' Why did she choose the  old woman than her mother. Was she already given up to Miss Wen?' But Merchant Bu suddenly opened his eyes widely. Contrary to his expectation, it is Grandma  Ren who snatched the shoes  first while he saw the sorry state of Miss Wen who crumpled on the floor with a bleeding nose and a swollen lips from her stumble.

    The crowd  outside the store started laughing loudly while others laugh silently. They did not dare to laugh openly because the young lady is still the daughter of Head Officer Wen.

    When Wen Xiang hears the mocking laughter from the people around her, she was crying already while her cousin Fa'er help her stand.

    "Hey! stop laughing you people! Fa'er glared at the laughing people.

    Wen Xiang stand clumsily she wipe her bleeding nose with the back of her hand and turned around to run but before she could run out from the store she heard Shuang's voice.

    "Miss Wen, don't forget to pay the 20 silver coins to Merchant Bu for the shoes.."

    Wen Xiang stop abruptly. And her face become more paler. She turned around to look at the three woman inside the store angrily . Then she drop the pouch with coins hardly in the side table before she stormed off without looking back.

    When the people around heard and witnessed this situation, they had guessed it already that there's a betting happened beforehand.

    But many are curious about their identity specially the young lady in a white dress.

    Shuang heard the whispering in the crowd but the three of them did not mind them. After packing the shoes they immediately step out the store. Mother Shan planned to drag her next to the accessory store but she  refused the idea. She is not keen to accessories. Instead she invited them to go to the Merchant store that sales beauty products.  Then inquire about prizes and other certain products. If she plans to build a business, she needs to learn the flow and statuses of the economic demands in the market.
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