6 The Scenery Under The Moonligh

    Shuang's family set up a tent near the river bank during dusk time. They decided to go home at dawn tomorrow morning. Shuang looked at the other sides of the bank. She saw other travelers setting up their own tent. The lining torches besides the river banks look like fireflies from a far.  And it's quite relaxing to see this scenery under the present full moon.

    Shuang stared at the moonlight and the beautiful constellations of the stars, she can't help but to feel emotional. She remembered her past with Alex. Shuang felt a moisture in her eyes. She immediately dried it by the cool breeze of the wind.

    Mother Shan looked at the girl who is still wearing her white dress while staring blankly at the moonlight. She is really very  happy to become this girl's Mother. She knew the girl had suffered a lot in her life. Even though Shuang always acted happily in front of them, they knew that in the girl's heart there's a lot of wounds being hidden beneath  and some are still fresh. Mother Shan felt a stinging pain inside her chest upon seeing the girl's slightly displaying of emotion in her face but the girl immediately dispersed it the moment she closed her eyes.

    Shuang look like a fairy under the moonlight in this scene.

    "Our daughter is really beautiful" Father Tao chirped in beside Mother Shan.

    "She had suffered a lot and I really wanted to be shared by that burdens of hers with me it's just that I don't know how. " Mother Shan felt really heavy inside.

    "You will be able to do that in the future. It's just that this time the girl has not gotten to be accustomed with us yet first. Let us just give her some time alright?"

    Mother Shan nodded by her husband's  words.

    "Now let's  go and talk to her." Father Tao dragged his wife towards the young girl.

    Shuang let herself feel the cool breeze in her body and loosen the tight of her heavy heart. She was at this moment when someone is putting a coat around her shoulder.

    " My lovely daughter, it's cold outside you shouldn't wonder around without a coat over your body. We cannot let you become sick."

    Shuang turned around and smile at the middle age man in front of her together with Mother Shan.

    "Father, Mother." Shuang greeted the two of them which made the couple being delighted. Then the three of them sat down and continuing the conversation while watching the moon.

    "Father, I plan to enter the south forest I wonder if I can? ." Shuang stated after a while.

    Father Tao was startled when he heard Shuang. He hesitated for a while before answering.

    "Well, It's not that I will never allowed you, It's just that the forest is dangerous for you to wonder around..."

    " Is their really any hidden danger in the south forest father? " Shuang tilted her head and asked.

    " Well, there's really not a lot. But there are still some wild animals and there are some terrains that are quite dangerous specially to a young lady like you."

    "Don't worry father I only plan to enter the outer area just to train my physical body."

    "Then if that's the case, It's alright for me as long as you will not wonder around deeper."

    "Thank you father"

    Ren Tao patted the girl in the shoulder lightly. "Come on now, it's time to rest. We'll still need to wake-up early in the morning and besides, the wind is getting colder now. We'll be worried if you catch a cold."

    Shuang nodded then follow the couple.

    "Father, Mother..." Shuang hesitated for a moment before she continued "Thank You for becoming my- parents."

    The Ren couple was stunned then they smile at her warmly.

    "It should us to be thankful. Shuang thank you for becoming our daughter." Mother Shan said affectionately.
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