7 Commotion In The River Bank

    At dawn, Shuang's family started packing their stuff. GrandUncle Mo disassembled the tent while Father Tao prepared the boat.

    Shuang saw the other travelers disassembling their own tent too. Shuang's company was in the midst to embark when she noticed that her silver necklace was missing. That necklace is very important to her. It's a plain silver necklace that was given to her by her childhood friend when she was in preschool. Somehow, the necklace go along with her when she reincarnated to this world. Though she can't remember the face of that little boy anymore she still treasured those memories of them.

    Shuang tried to search it from her way back to the place where their tent previously being setup.

    She was in the midst of searching when a sudden commotion broke up in the dock. But because she was busy searching the necklace, she didn't notice the man who's currently running towards her direction.

    The next thing she noticed was hearing Mother Shan shouting her name and seeing Father Tao running towards her. Then suddenly, someone grabbed her hardly from behind.

    Shuang was shocked. But it's only for a while. Her calm demeanor made the man who grabbed  her startled a little bit.

    Shuang saw the running troops towards their direction when she realized that she was being held as a hostage.

    "Young lady, don't act recklessly if you don't want this thing cuts your fair neck."

    The man pointed his long knife beside her neck."Mmmmh,,, you smell good. Tk,tk,tk,tk,tk!"

    The man dragged her along until they reach the shore where there was an empty boat but when the man saw the nearing distance of the troops, he discarded the idea  instead he dragged her back again then they passed through the disassembled tents where he saw a horse being tied under the tree. She was forced to embark the horse before the man himself.

    Father Tao and the troops were running towards them in a different direction  but the man was quicker before they can even reached them, the man already manage to make the horse run.

    They were running in a fast speed.

    "Lassie, you really smell good. If it's not for those troublesome  troops I have already eaten you now..." the man was sniffing beside her air maniacally.

    Shuang felt the sudden urge of madness inside her upon hearing those words. ' This maniac! I will really make you feel good after this'

    Shuang suddenly grabbed the branch of the tree that they passed by.

    "Hey! what are you doing!" The man shout after seeing her action but before he could stop her, Shuang was already flipping at the right side.

    Shuang used the branch to pull her body off the horse then she used the right momentum to kicked her feet against the trunk to perform a 45 degree back flip and kicked the man as hardly as she can in the back.

    Dong Fan was shocked by the girl's swiftness. He tried to turn back but before he could even do it, he was hit hardly by a kick in the leftside of his head.

    Dong Fan's vision become blurry that he failed to notice the another bigger branch of tree that blocking ahead his way. His body was already swaying because of the dizziness. Then when he was plunked by the tree branch, this caused his body to fly back and fall to ground heavily.

    Shuang landed to the ground clumsily in an end backward-hop position.

    "F*ck*ng sh*t! That was hard! This body is really weak. I can't even make the man fall from his seat." Shuang cursed. She stood up and shook her dress before she go to the lying Dong Fan who was already fainted.

    She observed the man closely. The dawn is already breaking so she can already see the man's features clearly.

    The man looks around in his 30s. He was wearing a black clothes.His appearance is comparable to a bandit. He has a long slanting scar that runs from his forehead across his left eye and down to his left cheek. She wonders if this man is really a bandit or... maybe a spy? Whatever, she doesn't care. All she cares is to make this man pay for offending her.
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