8 Act of Boldness

    Shuang frisked on the man's belongings. She found a pouch of coins. Shuang probed it and she was astonished.

    Shuang was grinning wide. Inside the pouch, there are 20 gold coins, 10 silvers and 15 copper coins! After pocketing the pouch, Shuang searched for another items. When she found nothing more valuable, Shuang dragged the man to a more secluded area. She was sweating heavily after dragging the man for a few minutes.

    Shuang used the man's knife to cut some vines. Then using the knife, she stripped the man's clothe living the man completely naked. Shuang didn't find her action abnormal. For her, being a modern woman in the past, she had seen countless naked handsome men either white or black, young or old specially in her line of work. Being a core member of the underground organization, she had seen and participated different kind of shady things. And stripping was one of the only countable decent acts.

    Shuang choose a suitable place that will make her plan work. After finding the place, she tied the man securely around the tree using the vines. After tieing, she put a stone inside the man's  mouth just the right size to avoid from making him a noise. Then using one of  the stripped cloth, she tied the mouth tightly making sure that it won't loose even if he moves his head wildly.

    Shuang tied the hands at the back while she parted the legs widely and tied each of the leg to the other tree. Afterwards, she made a trap using a log. She tied the log and wrapped her hands using the stripped clothes then she painstakingly pulled the log up above the tree where the man was being tied down.

    Shuang made it sure that the trunk will surely hit the man's private part if the trap will be triggered. And for sure, this man will really feel good after it happened.

    After being satisfied with her work, Shuang started picking the stripped clothes when suddenly found a piece of another silk being attached to the cloth. It's barely noticeable if the clothes will not being pulled upside-down. Shuang put the attached cloth inside her sleeve and scattered the stripped clothes around the area were she put the trigger of her trap. Before she started heading back, Shuang kicked the housing ants beside the sitting man.

    On her way back, Shuang started running fast and purposely rolled on the ground many times. Not long after, Shuang heard voices ahead. She checked her appearance before shouting for a help.

    "Help!... Help!...Help me!.." Shuang started running slowly towards the troops.

    On the other side of the forest, Captain Su and his troops was currently searching the area. Father Tao was with them too.

    Ren Tao has a mixed of emotions. He was really nervous for Shuang's situation at the same time he was very furious and felt guilty too. He was furious to the man who abducted his daughter and felt guilty for not being abled to protect his Shuang'er.

    He just got a daughter yesterday and then right after a day he failed to protect his daughter from an incident. How could he being called a father for this?

    Ren Tao was lamenting when he heard a very familiar voice.

    Captain Su heard it too.

    "That's Shuang'er 's voice" Father Tao felt his heart racing upon hearing Shuang's  voice. He immediately  bolted towards the direction of Shuang. Captain Su acted the same too.

    Shuang was swaying her body weakly when the troops finally see her.

    Father Tao felt a stinging in his chest when he saw Shuang's appearance. The girl was sweating heavily while catching her breath. The girl's dress was in a mess. One piece of her shoes was missing while she was swaying weakly.

    "Shuang'er! " Ren Tao catch the swaying girl in his arms.

    "Father,,,there's, there's  a man blocking the way..Kicking the man behind me. I,,, I fall from the horse-" Shuang was trembling a little when she stated weakly before her visions turned black.
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