9 Horrified

    Captain Su saw the young lady swaying weakly before being caught by Mr. Ren's arms. He observed the girl's appearance. He heard the young lady mumbling before she fainted to her father's arms.

    "Mr. Ren, I will let some of my men accompany you back first to the town and get a doctor to check her condition."

    "Then this lowly man give his a lot of thanks to Captain Su." Ren Tao thanked the captain before putting Shuang in a piggyback.

    Captain Su ordered three of his men to go back along with Mr. Ren first and strictly ordered to not allow the young lady to leave first and instead to wait for his return.

    Captain Su ordered his men for a wide range search ahead the direction where the young lady Ren was running.

    "Shuang'er just hold on, Father will bring you to a doctor now ah'..

    The acting fainted Shuang heard the worried voice of Father Tao and she can't help but to feel a little bit guilty.

    ' Father I'm sorry to caused you worries  but I need to do this to lessen the trouble ahead.' Shuang stated silently in her head.


    Captain Su heard one of his men called out.

    "Captain look at this" Vice Captain Xun Peng showed the pieces of scattered stripped clothes.

    Su Feng frowned when he saw the stripped pieces of black clothes. He suddenly felt a bad intuition.

    Su Feng followed the traces of the clothes until he saw an unexpected unpleasant view of the man under the tree.

    Su Feng, Xun Peng and the other soldiers were shocked witless of what they saw. Then a trace of redness can be seen in their faces.

    "F*ck*ng sh*t! Whose man did this unsightly act? Sh*t man I see his thing! Vice Captain Xun was the one who reacted first.

    On the other side, Captain Su was contemplating. He didn't know what was the other party's objective. He was confused of this action. This situation is really new to him.

    The man in front is known as 'Sparrow' and had been seek long by them. Despite his good fighting skills, he's really very hard to catch.

    How really good that person who catch this man?And did this thing to him? Is he a friend or foe?

    "F*ck*ng hell! Captain there's a lot of ants crawling on his body and it's bitten! It's being bitten!" Vice Captain Xun can't help to shivers upon imagining if that thing was on his.

    " Will you stop bubbling it so loud? Captain Su accosted his young vice captain.

    Dong Fan was awaken by something was hurt downward. He heard noises and slowly opened his eyes.He saw the horrified faces of the soldiers in front of him. Then he heard one of the soldiers said something being bitten?

    Dong Fan tried to move but he realized he was being tied down under the tree. And he was naked?!

    Dong Fan's face was horrified. He noticed there were a lot of ants crawling around his naked body and specially to his downward area which it is now swollen. ' Who the hell gut the nerves to do this thing to me?' Ahhhhhh! F*ck, f*ck,f*ck! Ahhhhhh!'

    The soldiers heard Dong Fan's muffled voice. And they feel like they felt his suffering too.

    Captain Su and his men subconsciously wipe the tickling sweat in their body.

    After a while of torture, Captain Su ordered his men to untie the man when suddenly they heard a ' click '.

    Dong Fan heard it too and he suddenly felt chills all over his body.


    Rrrrrsh! 'a rustling sound of branches.'

    Captain Su saw a moving vine from one of his soldier's foot which rapidly moving upward to the direction of the tree where the man was being tied.

    Everyone's eyes followed the direction of the moving vine until they saw the hanging trunk up the tree.

    Everybody's eyes become wide.

    Dong Fan paled.

    Captain Su hold his breath.

    Vice Captain Xun: " Holy Sh*t!"

    The Soldiers thought: 'mother'

    Don Fang: 'Ahhhh....! My thing!!!'



    Captain Su and his men were shocked by the unfolding event. They were very horrified and feel scared for the person who have done this cruelly.

    Dong Fan fainted. The soldiers did not know if he still survive after what happened. But after seeing his situation, they doubt it.
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