10 Investigated

    "Doctor, how's my daughter?" Ren Tao asked the doctor after checking Shuang.

    "A side from minor injuries and bruises, she suffered a lot of stress too. She just needs some rest and she'll be alright."

    The doctor leave the room after giving some instructions and giving a list of some medicines to Ren Tao.

    "Shuang'er,  how's your feeling? Ren Tao asked his daughter gently. "I'm sorry I failed to protect you." Father Tao gloomily stated while gently patting Shuang's hand.

    "Father, it's alright. No one predicted that something like this will happen and besides I am alright now so please don't blame yourself."

    "The Soldiers told me earlier that their captain has something to ask you first before allowing us to leave." Father Tao informed her in advance.

    "Hmmm" Shuang nodded.

    "I already told uncle Mo to informed your mother that you're already safe. They were waiting at the dock. Father Tao said after seeing the girl looking around the room.

    Shuang sigh...

    Ren Tao let the girl sleep while they wait for Captain Su to return.

    After an hour later, Ren Tao heard knocks outside the door.

    Shuang saw a man clad in leather and silver armor. This is the man who she had seen in the corner of her eyes earlier before she pretend to faint.

    Su Feng entered the room after knocking the door. Inside the room, he saw the young lady who is currently lying in the bed while her father is setting beside the bed gently fanning the sleeping girl. Then the girl opened her eyes and turned to look at him.

    Su Feng froze and held his breath for a moment. The girl has a pair of very striking obsidian eyes. That he found himself being hypnotized for a minute.

    "Captain Su, you're finally back." Ren Tao stood up from his seat when he saw the captain entered the room.

    Su Feng snapped back when he heard Mr. Ren's voice. He awkwardly cleared his throat before he nodded to the middle-aged man.

    "Miss Ren, I hope you feel better now after what happened earlier. I just have some questions before you could leave." Su Feng stated seriously right after he regain his usual form.

    Shuang who was observing the captain felt amused after seeing the reaction of the captain back to his seriousness.

    Shuang nodded to the captain.

    Su Feng saw the girl nodded and he looked at Mr. Ren.

    Ren Tao hesitated when Captain Su looked at him then he looked at Shuang.

    Shuang looked at Father Tao assurily when she saw the worried look of the man.

    "Then I'll be just outside. If you need anything just called me alright?" Ren Tao stated. It's also to remind Captain Su that if he tried to hurt his daughter he will not hesitate to make him pay. Then Ren Tao walk out the room.

    Shuang smiled when she heard Father Tao's threat.

    Captain Su lift the corner of his lips upon hearing Mr. Ren's words. 'I'm just going to ask your daughter why do I feel like I'm going to eat your daughter after hearing your threat?'

    "This Captain here, what will you going to ask me about?" Shuang's melodious voice rung in the room.

    Captain Su once again was taken back. He subconsciously looked at the girl again. 'Striking eyes, beautiful voice...but sadly he can't look at this young girl's face it's because it's still covered by a veil.'

    "Captain Su?" Shuang asked when the man was in a daze.

    Su Feng felt embarrassed when he found himself in a dazed again.'Damn, Su Feng! why can't you compose yourself? ' Su Feng frowned and cursed himself.

    "Ahhhem! Ah, Miss Ren, can you tell me what happened when you were abducted by that man?" Su Feng asked and observed the young girl's reaction seriously.

    Shuang saw the Captain being observant towards her but nevertheless she felt nervous about it.

    Shuang started telling her story with horrified and scared emotions written all over her body which easily fool the poor Captain Su.
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