11 The Happy Ren Shuang and The Problematic Su Feng

    Shuang was acting scared and horrified while telling the Captain about her experienced when she was being abducted. She even made her body trembled a little bit. Her eyes were starting to moist but she made it look like she was just holding her tears back.

    Captain Su felt pity towards the litter girl when he saw her scared reactions. But he never stop the girl instead he beckoned her to continue her story.

    "The horse was running so fast when suddenly someone was kicking the scarred man at the side. I don't know how it happened but from that person's jump, I reckoned that the man came from above the tree. I'm not really sure of what I saw as I was so startled that made me fall from the running horse. After I fell to the ground, I help myself to stand and started skipping. But I still saw the scarred man who abducted me still riding on the running horse and the other man with a mask, who was in a black as well runs after him. That's all I've seen after that I don't know anymore what had happened to them." Shuang finished her story.

    Captain Su felt complicated after hearing the girl's story. Based on his observation, he didn't detect something odd about her story.

    "Ahhm, Captain Su, haven't you caught the man yet?" Shuang asked.

    Su Feng's face blackened when he heard the girl's question.

    Su Feng hesitated before he answered.

    "Don't worry the guy is already dead." Su Feng answered heavily. "If you're already feeling better you and your father can go back now." Then he stood up and left the room.

    Shuang step out the building feeling gratified but she never dared to show it on her face when she's still under the surveillance of some soldiers. She still go on her play of being weak and scared from what had just happened.

    "Uncle Mo, why is that they are not back yet? Mother Shan was pacing back and forth while asking the old Mo Fang worriedly.

    "Shan'er, they're alright. Your husband assured me earlier. " Mo Fang consoled his niece though deep inside him he was also worried.

    "Brother Mo, how about you go back and check on them again?" Grandma Ren suggested after awhile.

    Mo Fang sigh. "Alright, I'll go and check on them again." he was ready to go when he finally saw the two figures that they were worried about.

    Mother Shan finally saw the two figures approaching.

    "Shuang'er! " Mother Shan approached the two of them. "Thank goodness your alright." She relievedly exclaimed and embraced the girl suddenly.

    Shuang felt warmth when Mother Shan hugged her tightly while relievedly exclaimed.

    "Damn girl, you made this old woman worried sick!" Grandma Ren was finally relieved too.

    The silent Mo Fang patted the girl's head.  " You did well little girl."

    Shuang felt a very warmth feeling from her family's concerns and she become a little emotional.

    "Mother, Grandma, Grand Uncle, I'm back! Sorry if I made you worry."

    Su Feng entered his current office in their temporary base. Xun Peng saw him and followed him inside.

    "Captain, how is it? Did you find something helpful for us? Xun Peng asked even seeing the dejected face of his captain.

    After awhile, Xun Peng sighed when he did not receive an answer from the man.

    "How are we going to report this to the General? Oh' man, we're really doom." Xun Peng was already sweating upon imagining the possibility of the consequences that they are going to face.

    Su Feng sighed heavily. "We just hope that the punishment is not very severe. " Su Feng consoled though they both know that it is doubtingly to happen.

    The two poor men were contemplating gloomily inside the office for their doomsday while contrary to them, the culprit of their situation was already happily skipping and celebrating with her new found family.
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