12 Training The Body

    Two days after the river bank incident, Shuang started training her body.

    Early in the morning, Shuang was running back and forth from their backyard up to the small hill that is near from their house. She planned to do it the whole day. Shuang will only stop if she will drink or eat. The family didn't stop her but Mother Shan  reminded her not to overdo her training as it may bad for her body.

    "The girl didn't stop yet? Grandma Ren asked her daughter-in-law.

    "Hmmm, I wanted to stop her but I can't find the courage to do so. Maybe because I found her stubbornness hardly to refused or the fact that she needed this too to strengthen her body and learn to protect herself if dangers come again in the future." Mother Shan stated.

    Grandma Ren was silent.

    Both of them become silent while watching the little girl do the laps run.

    It's already dusk time when Shuang stop from her runs. She was breathing and sweating heavily.

    Mother Shan saw that the girl finally stop from her running track. She brought a piece of towel and a glass of water for the girl.

    Shuang saw her mother approaching towards her, giving her a towel and a glass of water.

    " Thank you Mother. " Shuang thanked Mother Shan while smiling.

    "I have already prepared your bath so you can go and wash now."

    "Hmmm , I will just do it quickly so I can go and join you in the kitchen. " Shuang said.

    " No need my child, your Grandma Ren is already helping me now. Just take your time in the bath and rest your body. In a while, your father and Grand Uncle will be home by that time your grandma and I will be finished cooking the dinner by then." Mother Shan persuaded the girl.

    "Then I will listen to what Mother says." Shuang happily said before going to her room.

    Mo Shan watched the facing girl lovingly before she go back to the kitchen.

    Shuang do a quick bath and  rest for a while in her room. Shuang was drying her hair when she remembered something when she looked at her dress in the mirror. Shuang pulled something out from her sleeve. It was the small piece of cloth that she had retrieved from the scarred man. Thankfully, Mother Shan didn't notice it when she washed the dress. Shuang used her small knife to plucked the stitch beside the attached cloth. The knife was given to her by Father Tao the day after the incident.

    Shuang unfold the piece of cloth. And was surprised to see the written words inside.

    " Shuang'er, time to eat dinner. Your father and GrandUncle are already here."

    Mother Shan said outside the door of her room.

    Shuang was holding the piece of cloth when she heard Mother Shan call her outside the room. "Alright Mother I'll be coming."

    Shuang put back again the cloth inside her sleeve and stood up to join Mother Shan outside. She planned to find a safety place for it to hide later.

    During night time, Shuang listened to the snoring people inside the house. After making sure that no one was awake, she discreetly left her room by using the window.

    By the light of the moon, Shuang go back to the hill and practiced her martial arts. She did this routine every day. Running in the hill by day while practicing her martial arts at night.

    Shuang practiced for 2 hours before she stop. Then she slowly walk to a piece of big rock on the end side of the hill.

    Shuang climbed the rock and sit on the flattened part. She could see the house from her view. She sighed. Its been 3 months now since she reincarnated to this world. She was lucky to be ended up by a good and warm family that she yearned for from her past life the very firt time she had open her eyes. Shuang look up at the slightly bluish moon and started stating a small piece of poem she had read from the book in her past life.

    'someone thinks of you,

    lonely days are through.

    All live long day,

    Though we are far away...
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