15 The Scented Bone Knife

    Shuang use her small knife to cut the tip of her finger then she drop some of her blood to the bone sheath. But oddly, her blood didn't drop to the sheath. The blood was just there in the tip of her finger forming a bubble as her blood continue to drop from the cut. Even if the blood was already in contact with the sheath.

    When Shuang brushed her finger to the sheath making a skin contact on it, the blood immediately disappeared. Like it absorbed the blood immediately leaving no trace behind even her cut finger was healed like there was no cut happening at all.

    'Amazing' she thought.

    Shuang saw the colorless carved rose starting to have color. From white to pink, pink to orange, orange to blue, blue to purple, purple to black and then stop at the bloody red color. Shuang was not so shocked this time after encountering three times of magical earlier.

    She pulled the knife from the sheath and smelled a faint fragrance of a rose. The knife is very light and sharp. The knife is 12 inches long and 3 inches wide from the base to 1 centimeter wide  up to the tip. There was the same carving of red colored rose in the upper part of the knife where the scent emerged. The handle of the knife is floppy-like smooth. Which like being purposely designed to avoid her palm from becoming rough.

    Shuang tied the bone knife around her waist and put on the white coat. She felt fresh after putting on the coat.

    "So this is the functionality of this coat. It has  an automatic temperature adjustment."

    Shuang picked up the two small wolves and started heading back.

    Ren Tao and Mo Fang were still focused from collecting the herbs when they finally noticed that Shuang was no longer on the other far side. What they saw was only the basket full of different wild flowers.

    The two men paled and looked at each other. They thought altogether,

    Mo Fang: ' Was she abducted again?'

    Ren Tao: 'Was Shuang'er in trouble again?'

    Ren Tao and Mo Fang immediately stop from their tracks and rushed to Shuang side.

    Ren Tao picked up the basket of flowers and look around. Then both of them started calling out her name.

    "Shuang'er. ..!"

    "Little Girl...!

    Shuang was holding the two small wolves back to where she left her basket when she heard Father Tao and Grand Uncle Mo calling her name.

    'Guess, I made the two men worried again.'

    "Father, Grand Uncle I am here. "

    "Shuang'er! " Ren Tao have a sigh of relief when he saw that the girl was alright. But his eyes immediately become wide when he saw the two little thing that the girl carried.

    "Shuang'er what is that? Where did you get that?" Ren Tao asked, horrified.

    Mo Fang have the same reaction as Ren Tao.

    "I heard a sound and I followed it. Then I saw a heavily wounded mother wolf and when I checked it and it's already in the verge of dying so I promise to take good care of her babies. " Shuang answered innocently.

    Ren Tao and Mo Fang were speechless on her act. 'You already know that it's a wolf but you still picked it and bring it?.'

    "Shuang'er, it's dangerous. Why don't just leave it in the forest and let it grow there? Besides its their natural home." Ren Tao carefully persuade the girl. Because by the look of her reaction,  the girl is admittedly fan of this kind of animals.

    Shuang knew what Father Tao was thinking and she understands it.

    " Don't worry father, they won't hurt our family. Instead they will provide us protection. Trust me."

    Ren Tao saw the sincerity and determination in the eyes of the girl and found himself trusting her words.

    Ren Tao sighed. "Alright, I believe you." Then he looked at the coat that the girl is wearing.

    "It's from the mother wolf. I asked for it before it died. " Shuang explained.

    "Oh' alright. " Ren Tao no longer inquired how the coat become the belonging of the wolf.

    The three of them continue collecting herbs and flowers until their basket were fully full. There are still a lot left and they decided to come back again tomorrow to continue.
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