16 Two Adorable Fellows

    "Baixue! It tickles!" Shuang was giggling when Baixue licked her ears! The little guy is very sweet while Heiye was just lazily lying on her flat belly comfortably. She named the white little one as Baixue and Heiye for the black little guy. The two were really adorable. Baixue is very active and like to play a lot but Heiye loves to slack off and sleeps more usually.

    Shuang will hunt four times a week to feed the two little guys a raw while the other days, she will feed them cooked food.

    Shuang continues her training routine with an additional load. Shuang practiced her archery when she hunt for food for the two little cubs.

    Father Tao made her a wooden bow and arrows. The man is quite skilled when it comes to weapon. Shuang knew that this family of hers have other identities just base on their skills. But she never pry on that matter not because she don't want to but because she didn't mind of their identities no matter what they were came from. What's matter to her is that they are her parents and her family. What troubles they may come she's in.

    The Ren family didn't pry on her private matters too. Father Tao didn't even asked why she practiced archery instead the family supported the things she did.

    Mo Shan heard the little girl giggling inside her room and she smiled. If the two little wolves gave the girl such happiness, then she didn't mind it even if they still felt a little scared because the wolves are still beast and the beast is dangerous. But the little girl didn't even find it dangerous to pet instead she was very happy and fond of the two little cubs. The other two also treat her like way around.


    One month past,,,

    Inside the South Forest, Shuang was running faster while performing her archery.

    Pew! Pew! Pew! Sound of consecutive rows of arrows were being released to different distances of a marking tree. All were centered hits then Baixue and Heiye will collect the arrows afterwards. The two are genius! They can understand human language and easily to train. The two are like the size of regular wolf now. They grow very fast that the family got a little scared at first but later on they were accustomed to it.

    "Baixue! Heiye! Come, let's hunt boys!"

    Shuang and the two started hunting. She will follow the lead of the two because they were more keen to senses.

    Shuang entered the inner forest once more but this time it's further than the last time.

    She was wearing her usual black clothes every time she go for hunt and collecting wild flowers.

    The inner forest looks mystical. She can hear different sounds of various insects in her surroundings. The trees were huge and very tall with thick branches and large vines hanging and wrapping their stems.

    Shuang continued slowly moving forward with Heiye on her front while Baixue at her back. For some reason, she didn't see any flowers or herbs now that they moved further.

    Shuang was wondering when Baixue and Heiye suddenly growled.


    Shuang stop from her walked abruptly. The surroundings become silent. She suddenly feel the cold chills from her nape.

    Shuang and the two little fellows were eying their front vigilantly.

    She slowly bent her upper body, made a step back lightly.

    Baixue slowly moved forward and Heiye moved slightly to the side. Making them to formed a triangle position. A dangerous glint can be seen in their eyes while eying the thing behind the bushes in an approximately 30 meters away from their distance.

    Shuang held her bow tightly. She's in ready position. When the bushes suddenly moved followed by a very large figure moving so fast towards them,

    She immediately released the three arrows aiming perfectly at the attacking figure.

    Baixue and Heiye spread in their runs and attacked at both sides.

    Shuang also runs forward at the same time, unleashed her bone knife and immediately the faint smell of rose fragrance penetrated the air.
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