17 The Great Green Python

    Shuang runs quickly as the Green Python was hit by one of her arrow on its left eye while the other two arrows were penetrated on the letf side of its belly.

    She swiftly slides down under the big root tree when the Green Python madly pounced her after being hits by her arrows.

    Heiye attacked the right side when the Green Python pounced her. The Green Python was unprepared of Heiye as it's focused was on Shuang. It madly turned to Heiye ready to attacked. Shuang used this opportunity to swiftly grabbed the vine and jumped directly to its back and stabbed it hardly on the back while Baixue attacked the left side.

    The Python tried to attacked the black wolf but Shuang attacked again on its back and the white wolf on its left.

    The Green Python was really furious this time and so it's wiggled its head and crawled upward making Shuang slides on the back.

    Shuang stabbed the Green Python at the back just below its head but there's no blood starting to splatter. The Green Python suddenly wiggled its head again and crawled upward at the big tree making her body slid and nearly fall to the ground.  The bone knife started to slide off from the snake's flesh because of her weight.

    Shuang tried to avoid the branches that hits her as the bone knife slowly sliding off from the stabbed.

    Heiye and Baixue saw Shuang's situation and they immediately attacked the Green Python's body wildly trying to get its attention.

    Shuang tried to penetrate deeply the bone knife to the Python's skin when its slowly to pull off. This action made the wound of the Green Python become longer as the bone knife slides down from bellow the back of its head across to the sides of its neck.

    Shuang swiftly grabbed a vine from the tree where the Huge Green Python crawled.

    She immediately pushed her body outward by kicking the Python's body and swing on the vine as the bone knife finally slide off.

    Shuang swing from vine to vine and moved to the other tree while Heiye and Baixue continue attacking the Green Python's part of body that was still on the ground.

    The Green Python runs after Shuang when it saw the later skipped to the other tree. When it saw the two annoying wolf were still attacking it suddenly pounced downward to the attacking two wolves.

    Baixue and Heiye were Smart enough as they quickly spread apart when they saw the  Green Python was pouncing at them this time.

    When the Python saw that the two annoying guys were spreading out it continue to attacked Baixue that was nearer. Baixue runs fast. Shuang picked up her bow quickly and shot the Green Python again. This time she aimed the right eye.

    The Green Python was feeling weak. It's speed greatly slowed down after it being stabbed by the bone knife. Its wound turned black slowly as its speed slowed down.

    Shuang's single arrow easily hit the right eye of the Green Python as it's speed slowed down before it's head finally crashes the ground.

    Shuang shot more some arrows before she slowly go near the bloody Green Python but the blackened wound from the bone knife disappeared leaving no traces on its skin. She looked at the bone knife and she noticed that the thorns around the rose are having a color black now and the rose fragrance becoming more stronger. The blade was sharper and shiner.

    "Good work boys. Shuang looked at the two fellows and praise them. She rubbed both of their heads with her hand.

    "This Green Python is surely very huge. It's the size of the smallest tree around which most likely have the circumference of 3 meters. The danger it brings if it decided to go out from this forest is really very dire. The Ren's house that was just situated outside the forest is really dangerous.  But it's odd to think that despite the house is near and so the town, I never heard of monstrous beast attacking the town or any other casualties. .I really wonder what's hidden beneath this inner part of the Forest."
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