18 Being Reminded

    Shuang started to skinned the Green Python and took its venom. She took so long doing it because of the Python's size.

    Thanks to her bone knife the skinning process was earlier done than the original time. Every time she cut the skin off the Python's body, the skin was automatically being cleaned.  The knife has special effects just like how it was when it was formed from the mother wolf together with her white coat. By then this bone knife was formed into a sword first before it's transformed into a knife. Until now she still have no idea how to make it transform back into a sword again. She had already used and did every trick she had thought but still no avail.

    By the time Shuang finished,  Heiye was already back from his haunt. When she turned around, there were five big fat rabbits and 1 piece of big silver colored fish lying on the ground a few steps away from her while Baixue was strolling around and curiously looking at the silver fish. The two fellows were really coordinating with each other. If the one will go hunting, the other one will be guarding Shuang.

    Shuang was shocked upon seeing the silver fish on the ground. She looked at Heiye.

    "Heiye, where did you get that silver fish?"

    Heiye tilted his head towards the direction.

    "There's a body of water over there?" Shuang was surprised.

    Baixue rubbed his head against his brother and tilted his head towards the direction where Heiye got the silver fish. This was his way of asking his brother to tag him along. Shuang wanted to go and see the place too.

    Heiye didn't move to his place but instead he looked up above the branches. Shuang subconsciously followed his action. Through the branches,  she could see small and slightly orange beam of sun rays. Which reminded her of the time. The forest is always dim so its realy hard to track the real time.The corner of Shuang's mouth twitched. 'This Black Wolf really just reminded her of the real time. What the,

    Shuang looked at Heiye while the later also looking at her tilting his black head side to side. Indicating of not allowing her to go to the place where he gets the silver fish as it's already late in the afternoon.

    Shuang found his action very cute and she giggled "You know what, you're really like the way an adult man think." she commented and rubbed it's head. "But you're right. It's already late in the afternoon. We need to go home now before it will gets dark."

    Shuang put the folded snake skin inside her basket as well as the rabbits and the big silver fish. Shuang also tied some snake skin at the back of the two fellows. She didn't bring any of the snake's meat as she reckoned it's being poisoned by the bone knife. She's still in the process of experimenting and exploring this bone knife's other uses and how dangerous it is. So to be safe, she will not make food out from the meat of any animals or thing that the bone knife had being touched. The earlier fight also shocked her when she saw what the wound becomes after from being wounded by the bone knife.

    Mo Shan, Ren Tao, Grandma Ren and Mo Fang were dumbfounded after seeing the piled of very thick folded snake skin in their front. The skin was dark green in color and shiny.

    "This,. Grandma Ren felt the skin and her eyes immediately light up. " It's smooth and elastic. It's thicker too. But what's more amazing is that it's exude a little bit coolness...Hahaha! A perfect material to make a robe specially design for the very hot summer!" Grandma Ren delightedly exclaimed.

    While Grandma Ren was happy, Father Tao was seriously reminded Shuang.

    "Shuang'er,  I know that you recently practiced archery but the inner part of the forest is still too dangerous for you to wonder around. " Then Ren Tao looked at the skin again. " Are you the one who encountered this thing,,,and slayed it?Ren Tao probe his doubt.
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