19 Trust and Suppor

    Upon hearing Ren Tao's questioned,  the other three also look at Shuang's reaction.

    Shuang felt a little awkward under the gazes of the family in front of her. But she still nodded slightly.

    Ren Tao observed the girl's reaction. He knows that the girl was very excellent in archery as he had watched her one time. By that time he was shocked to learned about it. When the girl asked him to make a bow and arrows, he was perplexed but he remained silent and just supported her. It was also because of what had happened in the river bank last time that the family decided to support the girl's  eagerness in archery but who would have thought that the girl is really skilled in this kind of things. In this era, the girls usually stay at home. Practicing and studying the things that women always do specially in their marriage age.

    A young noble girl will go and attend school at the age of 13 to 15 to learn instruments, making poems, calligraphy and stitching. Every graduation, there are some of the Royal Family members will attend this event. So the noble families will really put more some efforts to this event. Because its were the rare chance for them to be able to get a connection to the the Royal Family through  marriage and is also every dreams of young girls to live in the palace.

    When the family saw the girl nodded, everyone was so shocked!

    'She really actually slayed the snake! And by the look of this piled  skin, It's definitely not the normal snake! What a monster! '

    Shuang saw their shocked reactions and the horror in their eyes. Then followed by a worried expression then relieved.

    " It's not just me, Heiye and Baixue were helping me so I just manage to slayed  it by luck. But what's  more important now is,.." Shuang hesitated for awhile  before she continued.." Given by the experience I had encountered earlier, Father, Don't you think it's really not safety here.,?"

    Ren Tao contemplated for a moment before he answered the girl.

    "To be honest, I really  have no idea that something like this really exist in the inner part of the forest. I only heard that the forest is dangerous because of the wild animals and the terrain have many deep holes underneath the grasses and bushes. But it never occurred to me that something gigantic like this are residing there too."

    "Besides, after how many people tried to enter the deepest inner part, no one of this people came back. This incident where the humor about the dangers in the Inner forest started." Ren Tao looked at Shuang in a weird way before he continued.

    "You're the only one I have seen came back and bring something that proves that there are really wild animals residing the inner part of the forest and that this animals could be all gigantic as this snake that I really wonder how you managed to slayed it."

    Shuang looked at her family in front of her.

    "I know that you have a lot of questions in your minds but let us just say that I had experienced enough dangers in the past and that I need to be strong enough to protect myself. But this time, I need to be more stronger because this time, this is not just me but because I have you guys too. In the future,  If I did something bizarre to your expectations just think about it as my way of becoming stronger and making our family untouchable by the others...All just I ask is for you guys to trust me always." Shuang stated sincerely.

    "Shuang'er,  it's not that we have doubts in you it's just that you made us unprepared and shocked us this much. But now that you have told us don't worry, you always have our support." Mo Shan hold her on the shoulders while smiling assuredly. "We are just worried about your wellbeing. We know that you have something in the past and that you're not yet ready to share it with us. Shuang'er we too, have something in the past. At first we're worried as our past may conflicted you but seeing that you're able to protect yourself, we are realy relieve. Let us just take our time alright? "
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