20 Past and Identities

    The next day, Shuang entered again the inner forest. Heiye lead them to the place where it caught silver fish yesterday. After the talk with her family, the fogs of confusion between them has been clarified already.

    It turns out that Mother Shan was a princess of the neighboring kingdom. Her mother, Mo Fang's younger sister was a concubine of the late emperor of the Hai Kingdom. Due to the feaud in the harem, concubine Lan was being accused when she was pregnant. She was condemned to be killed after she will give birth to the baby but Ren Kang, Ren Tao's father help her scaped that time which resulted by the death of the later.

    Concubine Lan gave birth in the midst of their scape and also died after. It's already too late when Mo Fang arrived later in the meeting area where he saw the dead body of his sworn brother Ren Kang and his little sister holding the newborn baby in her arms before she take her last breath.

    Mo Fang was adopted to the late Mo couple. Both he and her sister were separated when they were young when the bandits annihilated their small village located near the boarder line between Hai Kingdom and Ming Empire. It's only later when he learned  by the help of Ren Kang's ability of being an assasin that his younger sister was rescued by a Hai soldier and became a concubine of the Hai Kingdom Emperor.

    Ren Kang and Mo Fang were sworn brothers when they were still leaving in that small village before the annihilation happened. During the separation, Mo Fang was rescued and adopted by a doctor while Ren Kang was recruited to that Black Feather organization. It's a mysterious assasin organization in the Ming Empire which was independent from the Ming Empire governance. By fate, they were being reconnected again through Lau Qin (Grandma Ren's name but after giving birth to Ren Tao, she was called Mother Ren by Ren Kang and was later being used up to present). Ren Kang was found and rescued by Lau Qin when he was heavily wounded from a mission. Lau Qin and Mo Fang were already have a good relationship by that time.

    Mo Fang recognized Ren Kang right after seeing him when Lau Qin asked him for help. Ren Kang was comatose for a month. Lau Qin was the one who took care of Ren Kang until he recovered while Mo Fang often to visit cause that time he was still in the midst of his study in medicine and usually being tagged along by the old Mo.

    Grandma Ren was the eldest daughter of the Lau family and the granddaughter of the Yin family. She left home after getting pregnant by Ren Tao and also because of Ren Kang's other identity. She was pregnant a year after rescuing Ren Kang. They chose to live in this secluded place. Ren Kang only goes home once a month and left again early at dawn. After one year, they learned about Mo Fang's younger sister where's about. And that's also the time Ren Kang decided to rescue concubine Lan.

    The things happened very fast as they were just being informed about concubine Lan's  situation when Ren Kang gone to Hai Kingdom. By the time they read Ren Kang's message about his little sister's situation and that Ren Kang planned  to rescue, Mo Fang rushed immediately to the place where Ren Kang mentioned in the letter that ordered him to go. In which he found out that he was already too late when he arrived the place.

    When Lau Qin saw Mo Fang carrying a newborn baby without seeing Ren Kang and his sister, she already realized what happened. 'Cause Ren Kang already mentioned it in his letter for her about the small chance of his survival.

    Mo Fang decided to lived in the secluded valley to look after of Lau Qin and the two years old Ren Tao and Lau Qin help Mo Fang raised the infant Mo Shan.

    After 10 years, Lau Qin received a letter from her father and decided to go back home with the 11 years old Ren Tao. After a year, Mo Fang decided to moved back to his old residence in Southern City with the nine years old Mo Shan and decided to open a pharmacy.

    7 years later, Mo Fang's adopted parents was betrayed and killed by the second family of the Mo residence. He and Mo Shan was forced to moved back again in the secluded valley.

    In the Imperial City,  Mother Ren also faces the same situation with the Lau family. The Lau elders supported the second daughter of her father that was born by the second wife to be the one to succeed the position of the Head Lady in the Lau family since the old Lau died unexpectedly. The Yin family helped her scape from the assasination and Ren Tao was being setup and stripped from his position of being a second class high ranking officer in the ministry of war. In the end, they have to hide here for years until now because their enemies only become more powerful as the days go by and the people on their side were being conflicted.  It's either they were removed from their title or position or worst being killed.

    Shuang also told the family about her of not just being skilled in archery but also very skilled in martial art. She reasoned them that she practiced this discreetly since she was young because she was being maltreated in her previous family. The family that she meant were the Zhu family in the Imperial City and of course she didn't mention to them about her being reincarnated.

    Shuang also confessed when she was asked the truth about what really happened when she was abducted  in the river bank last time and that she's the one who really killed the scarred man. But she didn't mentioned about the hidden message in the black silk and how he killed the scarred man.

    Shuang pushed away the bushes in front where Heiye pass through. A foggy of like a baseball court size of the lake displayed into her view. She could hear ripples from the lake water which she reckoned made by the fishes.
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