23 The Silver Lake

    Shuang was amazed at the view in front of her.  She saw a lake that look like the size of a baseball field. The reflection of the luminous floating fog above the lake with a few beams of sunlight that passed through made the lake looked like a glistening plate of silver.

    Shuang heared the sound of her heartbeat slightly beating faster than the usual because of the excitement  she felt. The lake was so captivating and mysterious. She was quite adventurous and a fanatical to magical and fantasy movies in her old world so she was really felt excited every time she discovered something magical like this in this kind of world.

    Baixue and Heiye started to stroll around the lake and so she was.

    Shuang stroll around  the lake leisurely.  She didn't felt any dangerous feeling around the lake. Instead she felt different around the lake. She felt like the lake was close to her.

    The huge stems of trees that were uniformly arrange around the lake looked like it's  own fence. Shuang stroll around the lake for almost an hour. Shuang stared to the momentarily. Then she suddenly turned around and go back hurriedly to her way back.

    Heiye and Baixue were confused of her action but they followed her suit.

    Awhile later, Shuang was standing again in front of the lake carrying a white material in her hands that was packed with air.

    Shuang used the intestine of the Green Python into a scuba tank. Then she started to undress her black clothes while stating,

    "You guys stay her and wait for my return"

    Shuang said without even butt in an eye to the two fellows so she didn't notice the reaction that displayed in their eyes while watching at her action, unblinking.

    Baixue: 'My,my! My Queen! Don't just do something boldly in front of us! Heavens! So, so--'

    Heiye was shocked while can't help to stop watching at the beauty whose currently undressing. ' Why does this girl is so reckless! Doesn't she feel afraid of being peeked by us?' Heiye thought and hardly turned his head around. Then he saw Baixue gulping and almost drooling now. He immediately hit the guy with his right paw. 'She's still our master stop displaying that reaction in front of her!

    If Shuang only knows that the two pets of her really thought like human and that they were having a thought like this, she would definitely be shocked.

    Shuang only left two small pieces of white underwear in her curvy porcelain white body. Shuang made her own modern design sports bra and a longer size boy short underwear because it's a lot comfortable for her to wear compared to the usual ancient styles of underwear.

    Shuang tied her thick long black hair into a bun. Then after grabbing the improvised Cuba tank, she jump directly to the lake.

    The lake water temperature is just right. Not so cold and not so warm. The lake was illuminated by the luminous fog. But she still didn't sure how deep the light could  help her see the underwater because she was not sure about the deep length of the lake from the surface.

    Shuang worries vanished at intant when she started to swim downward. Checking the sides of the lake. The side of the lake was constructed by white rocks that looks like crystals. It helps refract the light of the luminous fog to the other white stone crystals giving the underwater enough light to be visible.

    Shuang continued to swim further downward. She could see several silver fishes swimming across and pass through her. She was already approximately 7 meters down below but she still can't see the floor of the lake.

    8 meters,

    9 meters,

    10 meters,

    15 meters,

    18 meters,

    50 meters, finally the lake bed...

    The lake bed was still made of white stone like crystals. But the refraction of the light was a lot dimmer now. Shuang swam from the side across to the other side of the lake bed.

    Shuang continued to search for something around the side, she have a feeling that there is something like mechanism around the area. It's because the underground of the lake is so clean even the rock walls. To the point that she can't even see rock dust. As though it was being regularly dust off.
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