24 Discovery

    Shuang was still looking for a clue of any mechanism but she failed. Annoyed, she kicked the white stone in front of her before she turned around ready to swim back to the surface. Suddenly, she felt that  the floor  slightly move.

    Shuang looked at the center of the water bed immediately and her heart skip a beat.

    In the middle of the water bed, a big hole appeared. She saw the white rocks plain floor started sinking little by little until it turned into a big hole.

    Shuang hesitated for awhile before she swam in.She entered the big hole and swam in front of the other hole inside the big hole. The hole  is just the size of a doubled doorway and there's an illumination inside the hole.

    When Shuang entered, she felt like she was entering a maze. The way was narrow and have  many turns. She used her scented bone knife to marked every turns she passed.

    Shuang's Sexy figure floated up in a small hole inside a certain place at the other end of the hole.

    "A cave..?"

    Shuang ended up inside a cave. The cave was brightened by many luminous green stone that was attached to the walls. There were lots of limestone hanging around the cave.

    She go out of the water. And started exploring the cave. Shuang saw a glowing green pond in particular flattened area.

    The small pond looked like a Japanese Onsen. The water was warm and relaxing.

    'Who would have thought that there is something like this place inside the inner part of this Dark Forest...'

    Shuang tried to dip his right foot,,,then followed by the left. The deep is just slightly above her chest.

    "Though I didn't find something like treasure,,,, ah,,,,, atleast I have found this place,,. A place where I can find tranquility alone and a perfect place for me to train and do something modern..." Shuang lazily stated while floating her body leisurely on the water.

    Shuang drowned her body down until the skin of her back touched the Green crystal floor of the small pond. The Crystal felt comforting upon the contact of her skin and she like it. She turn her body around now facing the floor. She fold her right arm and put it under the side of her head as a pillow while running her left arm up and down feeling and touching the crystal floor. Shuang was typically like lying on a soft bed comfortably with her action. She can hold her breath underwater for 5 minutes long so she took her time enjoying the feeling from the Green crystal floor.

    Shuang touched her face on the crystal then  subconsciously, she tried to peek through the crystals as the crystal looked transparent to her. This action made her pink lips touched the crystal unbeknown to her that there's someone inside the green crystal at the moment and her action was clearly seen from the inside.


    He was meditating inside the crystal when he suddenly opened his eyes. He was stunned on the view outside the crystal then frowned. He saw a person lying on top of the crystal. Typically lying on top of him. When the person turned around, he subconsciously hold his breath when he saw the girl's appearance. Then suddenly the girl's lip touched the thin green crystal which making an indirect contact to his slightly open lips because of the shock. He's body froze. His slightly wide eyes from the shock stared blankly at the enchanting obsidian pair of eyes from the girl. If his subordinates see this view their eyes were surely bulged from their eye sockets and mesmerized by the view.

    Shuang on the other side was still trying to peek through while her pink lips were pouting and twisting sides to sides. Unbeknown of the glaring pair of eyes that were being shot directly towards her.
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