25 Back To Town Again

    Shuang suddenly felt a shivers.

    'I guess I need to go out from the water now before I could catch a cold...oh better to retun back. I have gone for too long now and I reckoned that the two wolves of mine were really worried by now.'

    Shuang stared at the crystal for a moment before she stood up and goes out from the water. She picked the white intestine, opened it wide and waved it through the air to pack more oxygen in it then she jumped again to the hole.

    Shuang saw Heiye and Baixue pacing back and forth from their place. When they finally saw her silhouette they immediately relaxed their tense body.

    "Sorry darlings, I made you wait so long."

    Heiye: 'This girl, if not for that fact that our physique were not completed yet we have already followed you down.'

    Baixue:'Chillax now bro, our Queen is back and safe now.'

    After dressing up, Baixue strolled around her while gliding his head and body on her like a cat.

    Shuang giggled on his action. She squatted down and hold its ears with both hands and slightly ruffled it.

    " You are really adorable darling." Shuang rubbed her nose against Baixue cold nose and hugged the white wolf.

    Baixue stick out his tongue towards his brother when Shuang hugged him.

    Shuang was still hugging Baixue when someone pat her shoulder. She looked around and was surprised.

    Heiye was annoyed when Baixue stick his tongue out on him. Making him jealous of Shuang's attention to his brother.  He looked at Shuang pouting.

    When Shuang saw this, she can't help but to giggled loudly. Then she let go of Baixue and grabbed Heiye into embraced.

    "My,my,my! Heiye is so adorable too and charming! Shuang laughed and kissed the usually serious bossy black wolf in both his smooth furry cheek.

    Awhile later, after Shuang left the lake, a silhouette appeared from the lake looking towards her retreating figure then disappeared again.

    Upon returning home, she learned that Father Tao planned to go to town tomorrow and she voiced that she wanted to go along.

    Early in the morning, Shuang and Ren Tao set out. This time they used two horses as they were just only two to travel. Traveling by horse is much faster that traveling with a boat so, the eight hours of travel shortened to five hours. Around ten in the morning, they reached the town again.

    Father Tao go to somewhere else for some important matter while Shuang strolled around.

    "Shuang'er,  are you sure you're alright to be alone? You can come along with me first before we could go and stroll around. "

    " Father I am fine, no one's gonna hurt me alright. You know your daughter. " Shuang stated assurily to Ren Tao.

    " Alright, let's see each other at here later and be careful alright? Enjoy your time my dear."

    "Thank you father, I will. Please be careful."

    Ren Tao waved his hand at her before he whipped his horse ang run to the opposite direction.

    Shuang left her horse to the horse keeper and started to stroll around.  She was wearing her light blue dress with a matching veil while she simply tied her hair into a ponytail with a small piece of light blue silk.


    Fa'er was strolling around when she saw a very familiar silhouette who was also strolling around the area. Upon seeing this, she immediately rushed back to the Wen Residence.

    "Cousin! cousin! cousin!"

    Wen Xiang was lying in a swing when she heared Fa'er shouting frantically outside the courtyard.

    "What's made you so noisy? Stop shouting! Your voice irritates my ears."

    Fa'er abruptly stop from her track upon seeing the annoyed look of her cousin.

    "Ahm, cousin I saw someone in the town." Fa'er slowly stated.

    "And so? What does it do to me?"

    "Ahm, she's someone you know too." Fa'er continued while observing her cousin's reaction.
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