26 Payback Time

    Wen Xiang frowned and looked at her cousin then asked.

    "Who's someone do you mean?"

    "Cousin it's that girl. The girl in Merchant Bu's shop last time."

    "What?! She's here?! Wen Xiang abruptly stood up from the swing.

    "Yes, I saw her strolling around alone."

    Upon hearing Fa'er, an evil flashed in the eyes of Wen Xiang.

    "If she's alone then it would be easy to accomplish my plan."

    "Cousin what do you mean?" Fa'er asked her cousin upon seeing the flashed of evilness in her eyes.

    "Fa'er, do you really think I would just let them go after humiliating me? Your naive. I will never let them go specially that damn girl!" Wen Xiang  was furious everytime she remembered that incident. She even got a mouthfull of scolding from her father back home from that time and was grounded for a week.

    " Fa'er, go and find Puhai. I want to give that girl a memorable payback time."

    "Right away cousin. Let us see if she can still act so cocky like the last time."


    Shuang was strolling around when she saw some silhouette tailing on her from the corner of her eyes.

    She continued walking untill she arrived at the corner of the street where there were no people around, the three silhouettes finally displaying themselves and cornering her around.

    "Hehe! I never thought that our target owns a very striking eyes..surely she is a beauty and very sexy...

    The burly man with two missing teeth at the front was grinning lustfully on her while looking and trailing the shape of her body.

    "Leader, surely we are lucky to this one." the skinny man said..

    "Baby, come play with us...hehehe!" The other man with a wine gourd was looking at her drooly.

    "Oh, you wanna play with me? What do you wanna play? I am so good at playing and I think you cannot cope up with me..." Shuang stated playfully while twirling the edge of her hair.

    The three men were stunned when they heared the girl's playful voice with a hint of seductiveness then they burst out laughing.

    "Hahahahaha! Beauty, you are choosing the good choice. Do not worry, we will do you a good time and give you heaven." The burly man grinned foolishly while walking closely to Shuang.

    " Oh, so you are the first one to play game with me? Then catch me if you can..." Shuang moved slowly towards the burly man in a sexy walk causing the men around drools in fantasy then she suddenly disappeared. The burly man was stunned.  Before he could react Shuang was already at his back while the scented bone knife penetrated perfectly to his back and pass through to his heart.

    "I told you, you cannot cope up because playing catching games like this is my expertise specially to a bastard like you." Shuang wisphered at the back and pulled back immediately her scented bone knife leaving no scars and no blood. The man's clothes that had been torn from the stabbed, was fixed back to how it was looked like beforehand.

    The burly man paled, stood frozen  with a widened eyes from the shock. He subconsciously touch his chest before he fell down. No longer breathing.

    The other two men were shocked of the girl's swiftness and confused when they saw their leader fell to the ground.


    "What happened? the skinny man was puzzled and looked to Shuang. "You! What happened to h--" before he could finished his words

    the guy was startled when the girl was no longer standing in front of them but instead she was now standing behind him and he shivered immediately when he felt an icy cold metal touching his back.

    "What happened to him is just like what happened to you now." Shuang's cold and melodious voice rang from his back and the skinny man immediately sweat before he found himself falling to the ground.

    After killing the skinny man, Shuang turned her cold eyes to the remaining guy.

    "The two are out....so it's now a game between you and me..." Shuang slowly walk towards the man still playfully twirling her hair.

    The man with a gourd was scared witless that he stumbled back when he subconsciously take a steps back upon seeing and hearing the girl's voice that sounds from the deep hell.
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