27 Repaymen

    In a particular small wooden house away from town...

    "Fuhai, what took those people so long?" Wen Xiang was restless.

    "Wen Xiang, don't worry. They are the best. Maybe they just run on something troublesome but they will arrive here trust me."

    "They must not fail." 'I paid all of my remaining allowance just to accomplish this revenge and now I am penniless.

    "Cousin, Brother Fuhai is right. Let us just wait a little while I am sure they are coming now." Fa'er consoled her cousin when a knock was heared outside the door.

    "They are here!" Fuhai was enthusiastic to open the door.

    Manzi was standing in front of the door when Fuhai opened it. Then suddenly Manzi threw a punch on him causing Fuhai to be thrown back inside the room.

    Wen Xiang and Fa'er were shocked when they saw Fuhai's body slumped on the floor.

    Manzi threw a very heavy punch to the town officer's son. If not for this damned idiot his brothers will not fall and he will not face the same situation right now. He was very furious at the same time his pretty scared for the devil behind him.

    Shuang giggled at his back. "You sure are quite energetic but tk tk tk! " Shuang sighed which made Manzi's heart skip up to his throat.

    "What an entertaining intro." Shuang step forward and swept her eyes around the room then stop at the two pairs of eyes who looked at her like they have seen a ghost.

    "Oh! Miss Wen. It's you! Long time no see. Did I give you a surprise?" Shuang smiled behind her veil and squinted her eyes.

    Wen Xiang snapped after hearing the melodious voice. An anger burst out in her. Failing to notice the situation she was in.

    "What's the meaning of this? Wen Xiang looked at Manzi furiously and pointed her finger. "You! Tie this woman up now. You bitch, I will make you pay for humiliating me the last time." Wen Xiang glared at Shuang.

    Shuang chuckled upon hearing the threat that made Wen Xiang becoming more furious.

    "What are you laughing at? Hmmph! Acting tough despite the situation you are in now? Fine, let us see how you will still act after the things that I will do to you later." Then she scold again Manzi when the later still stood stupidly at the side.

    'Manzi was very furious. This damned idiot! If not for this devil I have already tore your big mouth wide for your dumbness! Daring to provoke this devil and even dragged us in to this mess!'

    Fuhai stand dizzily from the floor. He looked puzzledly to Manzi.

    "Gourd man, you hear her right? Why don't you start tieing her up now. As I want to start the real fun now." Shuang chuckled and tilted her head to Manzi while stretching her arms lazily.

    Manzi was startled when the devil command him with that playful voice. He immediately executed the command.

    "Y-yes! Tieing up now Miss! Y-yeah I m-mean tieing her up!" Manzi stammered from the fright.

    "Oh, don't forget to used her dress as a rope." Shuang stated while walking to the stool and sit.

    Fuhai, Fa'er and Wen Xiang were shocked when they heared Ren Shuang commanding the man that supposedly it should be them that the man should listen to.

    This action made Wen Xiang realized that something was a mess. "W-what are you doing?" she nervously asked the man. She finally felt scared when the man was approaching her. She immediately took a few steps back.

    Fa'er was scared too. The idea of turning the situation way around to them was already giving her a big fright that she just stood in her place in a frozen state.

    "Hey stop!" Fuhai reacted and ran to stop Manzi but was just sent again flying and slumped to the wall causing him to cough more blood.

    "Don't go near to me! My father is the town's Head Officer!"

    'Hell with your father! It's better to offend your father than offending this devil!' Manzi reached for Wen Xiang's dress and the sound of,

    'Riiiiiiiiiipppppppp!!! rang inside the small wooden house.

    "Stop, no!!!" Wen Xiang was in a horror. She was horrified. The force of pulling her dress made her slumped onto the floor while embracing herself trembly.
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