28 Repayment 2

    Manzi tore off Wen Xiang's outer robe and tied her up recklessly. Fuhai was not able to help Wen Xiang and was just helplessly looking at the side weakly. Fa'er was ghostly pale while Shuang was leisurely sitting on the stool.

    "Let me go! Let me go!" Wen Xiang was struggling to free herself from Manzi.

    "Shut up you dumb ass!" Manzi angrily snapped. He almost give a slap to the brawling girl.

    "Gourd man, the pig is so noisy. Why don't you find a way that will shut her mouth up? Just make sure to let her stay awake. The game will not be enjoyable if our candidate will fall asleep. " Shuang lazily stated, cross her legs, put her right elbow above her right leg as she crossed her left arm behind her right arm and put her right palm under her right cheekbone.

    Wen Xiang was so furious to almost have a nosebleed hearing Shuang's words. 'How dare you call me pig! You are the pig!

    Manzi tore again the slit of Wen Xiang's inner robe and tied her mouth.

    Fuhai was mad for he was weak against Manzi. He looked at the sitting girl who enjoyed watching Wen Xiang struggling. The side profile of the girl made him in a dazed. Though the girl was in a light blue veil and her long silky black hair was just tied up in a ponytail, it doesnt lessen the beauty of the girl instead it made her more enchanting and mysterious. He subconsciously forgot about his struggling girl.

    "Alright, let our game begin now." Shuang stood up and looked at Manzi, "I want you to stand at the door. Do not let anyone disturb me or do things recklessly."

    Manzi felt a cold sweat. The words may melodious to hear but his life was held within that sentence. From the girl's gaze alone he was already trembling.

    "This servant will be your guard while doing your course and will never dare to run away as I considered my self dead if I do that foolishly, Master."

    Shuang twitched her brows as she was amused by the man's self selling.

    Manzi immediately do his work and did not wait to hear the girl's reply as he was so nervous to hear them. Though he was so pretty scared to the little girl's wickedness, he can't help but to feel admiration to the girl's skills. For him, only this kind of person will worth for a word of being a Master.

    Fuhai was dumbfounded when he saw how Manzi looked like a scared puppy in front of the veiled girl.

    Shuang looked at Fa'er who was trembling all over at the side. She slowly walked toward the girl and circled her around then she stop at the back and hold the now wooden stiff shoulders of Fa'er. She wisphered to her side,

    "Aren't you angry and jealous of her? She snatched your beloved and ordered you like a servant around. Don't you wanna make her feel how you have felt all this time?.."

    Fa'er was totally shocked hearing those words. 'How did she know my secret? I never told anyone about my true feelings towards cousin and Fuhai.'

    Shuang smiled upon sensing the girl's reaction. "Don't you wanna seize this opportunity to take revenge on her? I will give you a hand if you want...All you have to do is to do as I say."

    "I-I don't know what you are saying." Fa'er stammered.

    "Oh, either you admit or deny it. You have no choice but to heed my words." Shuang stated before she walked to the disheveled guy at the corner.

    Fuhai was startled when he saw the girl walking towards him. He suddenly felt shivers upon looking at those dark striking eyes that looked through him.

    Shuang take out a small peace of paper that has fine powdered inside and let the guy gasped it.

    Fuhai was coughing hard when he had gasped the powder that the girl forced on him. Then the girl suddenly broke his right leg making him squealed from pain.
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