29 Repayment 3

    After seeing the broken leg, Shuang dragged the struggling guy in the middle and move to Fa'er. She made the girl gasped another kind of powder and pushed her towards the struggling Fuhai.

    Wen Xiang was horrified upon seeing the unfolded events in front of her. She was now looking at the coming veiled girl in horror.

    "Relax, I just started. I am not doing the main course of this experimental game yet."

    Shuang stated as she slowly walked forward to the tied up girl.

    "You know what? I was still thinking how am going to test the effectiveness of my drug but thinks to you. You provide me a good specimen for free."

    Wen Xiang was trembling hearing those words while Fuhai and Fa'er were horrified and sweating hard. ' Drug? Specimen? what kind of medicine did she forced to us?!'

    Shuang took out her scented bone and play for it while the rose fragrance penetrated through the air.

    "You planned evil on me and now I am going give you more of what you had planned to me." Shuang's eyes glistening in wickedness as she started cutting the girl's inner robe while penetrating the knife deeply onto the girl's flesh.

    Wen Xiang was squealing hard because of the pain she felt. The knife felt like a molten hot iron that cooked her flesh inside and then change to like a frozen ice that cuts down to her bones. She was crying and sweating hard from the pain and struggling.

    Her inner robes dropped to the floor leaving only her undergarments. Her white skin was now redden from the knife's cut but there was no wound to be seen.

    Fuhai and Fa'er started to feel something inside their body.

    Fuhai started to feel hot inside that he felt like he wanted to pounced Fa'er immediately at this moment while at the same time the pain in his broken leg started to build up. He was paled and now drenched in sweat.

    Fa'er also felt the heat inside her body while feeling frustrated. The long time hidden frustrations inside her were now slowly to burst out as the pain on her abdomen build up.

    Shuang saw that the drug slowly to have effect now.

    "Miss Wen, try not to fall asleep. The show has just begun. Here, it will help you stay conscious despite how you felt." Shuang forcefully made Wen Xiang gasped her medicinal drug.

    Fuhai can't hold on his needs anymore as he pounced on Fa'er despite the pain in his broken leg.

    Fa'er, who was already felt hot and had waited long for Fuhai's affection eagerly received his kiss on her as they hurriedly tore up their clothes and started their play.

    The already paled Wen Xiang paled more upon witnessing the betrayal of the two people in front of her.

    Fa'er ride Fuhai as she looked towards the pitiful look of her cousin. Upon seeing her cousin with that looked, she felt elated as Wen Xiang looked at them in so much pained expression. She can't help but to start moaning the pleasure she felt. Enticing and hurting more the bitch cousin of her.

    Fuhai performed beastly as he watched the naked Fa'er riding and bouncing on him wildly. He had totally forgotten about Wen Xiang who was looking at them deadly.

    Shuang was standing in the corner like nothing despite the show that happened in front of her. The corner of her mouth twitched. 'Well, it seems that my drugs are a success.'

    Shuang looked at the three people for a while before she stepped out of the house.

    Manzi who was already red outside, redden more when he saw the girl stepped out the door and saw his state.

    "I will give you one more task. Do it to the daughter of the Town's Head Officer and after that untied her and go back to your gang and lead them. Your work is to gather informations inside and outside the empire. I will collect those informations when the time comes. Used this to reorganized your group. Treat those who comply, kill those who oppose." Shuang tossed a pouch with 5 gold coins and 100 silver coins to Manzi before leaving the place.

    Manzi was stunned,  but he still manage to drop his knees and kowtow to the girl for sparing his life and to work under her command.
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