30 The News

    Shuang and Ren Tao meet at the meeting place later that afternoon.

    "Father, did I make you wait long?" Shuang asked Ren Tao asked she saw the man standing back under the tree while staring blankly at the space.

    Ren Tao snapped out from his line of thoughts when he heared that melodious voice.

    "Shuang'er, no, I just arrived a minute earlier. Have you enjoyed your time?" Ren Tao asked gently.

    "Very much Father. " Shuang answered.

    Ren Tao did not find something a mess in her answer and so he invited the girl for a snacks.

    Shuang and Ren Tao were sitting inside the popular snack house in town when the people outside were in chaos.

    "What?! The Town Head Officer's daughter committed murder and hung herself after?"

    "Who did she murdered?"

    "It was her cousin and the son of Town Officer Wong."

    "Aren't they in a relationship?"

    "Yes, but it was said that Miss Wen caught her cousin and Town Officer Wong's son doing it in the small house outside the town. The farmers who passed by that place saw it and reported it back to one of the soldiers from the camp."

    "Aiya, Miss Wen was surely a hot tempered but I never thought she could do this deed."

    "Maybe she was blinded by the anger she felt when she caught her man doing it actually in front of her with another girl."

    The whispering crowd echoed inside the snack house where Shuang and Ren Tao were sitting in.

    "Tk tk tk! Sometimes love rivalry can be this scary. So Shuang'er never love a man that plan to take many wives. Though having many wives is just normal, it's still better to be loved alone atleast you can avoid those tricky schemes."

    Shuang chocked from her drinks when she heared Ren Tao's words.

    "Father why do we talk about this things? It gives me a goosebumps. " Shuang was trying to stop her coughing.

    "You may not feel the feelings towards the opposite sex for now but someday you will and if that time comes, I rather you choose a one woman man."

    Though embarrassed about Ren Tao's openness about topic like this, as she had not experience to talk something like this to others, she still nodded as she felt the care of a concerned father.


    Southern City, Immortality Inn.

    General Song Jin was sweating while kneeling on the cold floor, head down.

    "Enlighten me General Song." the man in the shadow slowly sipping his tea while listening to the General that was kneeling stiffly on the floor.

    "My Lord, I sent Captain Su to watched for Sparrow as we had gathered information about that organization in the East but unfortunately, they arrived late during the pursues and that the man was already brutally killed by another asasin. The secret message was missing and the culprit  was still not known up to now." General Song was trying so hard not to trembled while answering the man.

    General Song was tensed when the man was silent. The hall was a pin drop of silence. After awhile the man answered.

    "Seems like the training course is not yet enough for you to failed to handle a simple task like this..." the cold baritone voice rang through the hall.

    General Song felt like the air in his surrounding becomes suffocating. "My Lord, this subject was wrong and incompetent, please punish me."

    "Report to the the 'Hell Ground' as well as the others."

    General Song was paled and was now crying inside. That 'Hell Ground' was just as to its name. The place was scary.  It would be better if he was sent to war than to be sent to that ground. He remembered the state that the shadows of the Lord had when they were punished last time. The shadows were almost looked like in their death door when they came out from that place. 'Damn, why are we so unlucky this time?' Can we even survive in that place? Heaven! Have mercy on me! I still have plan to build a family of my own. Please let me not die in that place.' General Song was lamenting inside but he answered the man respectfully.

    " Yes, My Lord."
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