31 The Letter

    Ren Tao looked his family around the table then sighed.

    "Dear, what is it this time?" Mo Shan asked her husband when the later was just kept on sighing.

    Ren Tao cleared his throat and begin to talk.

    "Brother Zheng send a letter. The second Liu Family were in a chaos. They planned to sell some of the properties in the Southern City. Mother and I have talked already. We will buy those properties but we need someone to do the deal."

    The people around were silent. This is the perfect opportunity for them to start a move against the second family when they were in this dire state but the person to do the deal should not be a Ren.

    "Allow me to do the deal with the people from the second family father. I will make sure that the properties will go to us but we need to set up a plan."

    The family were stunned upon hearing her plan.

    "This.." Ren Tao was amazed. He never have thought that this daughter of him will be this genius. A perfect genius, truly a gem!

    "Hahahahaha! Shuang'er, you are truly a star of this family." Grandma Ren was very pleased. 'Liu Qiu, you may had win against me last time, but the victory will be mine this time. I will crippled you and make sure you will never have a chance to stand again against me.'

    Shuang knew what Grandma Ren truly felt against the second family.

    "Grandmother, rest assured. Those people who hurt you and Father, I will surely let them pay. Whoever dared to hurt this family will face a wrath against the me."

    Hearing this, the people around her were moved. They already have a strong faith on her. For them, she alone were like their lanterns in the dark. She already made the family feel complete. And now they have learned that aside from being a goddess beauty, she was also a great genius in both martial arts and strategies. She was a also a genius in medicine and expert in making Perfumes and other beauty products. They were truly lucky to have a loving and genius daughter like this.

    "Great Uncle. The book that I have written about medicines is already finished. You can have it in my room now." Shuang said to the silent Mo Fang and the old man was elated then she looked towards Father Ren.

    "Father, I need to go back to town tomorrow to look for something that will help us with our plan and I also have some request from you."

    "Oh, what is it? Quickly tell your Father and I will do it right away." Ren Tao said eagerly.

    Shuang giggled upon looking at Ren Tao's act.

    "Father you can start doing it by tomorrow. I will give you the design later."

    "Eh'..You want me to smith something?"

    "Likely and it is quite big." Shuang answered before she excuse herself to her room. Great Uncle Mo followed her behind.

    Mo Fang have a wide eyes on him upon seeing the contents of the book that the little girl give to him.

    The book was about surgeries. It contents a detailed informations, instructions and procedures of different surgeries with a detailed drawing attached on it.

    His hands were shaking as he flipped the pages further. His late adopted father only learned a thing about surgery and it were only about minor outer surgeries. But this book introduces inner surgeries and complicated operations that he never imagined could be possible. This book is a rare treasure and is very frightening specially to those damned doctors in the cities and in the capital.

    Mo Fang looked at the girl with admiration and bewilderment. 'How did she learned all about this things?'

    Shuang read Mo Fang's mind and she smiled.

    "Great Uncle, this book should be a secret. I only made one and I know this book could bring you fortunes and troubles so I  need you to train your body and learned martial arts with Father. This will help you protect yourself and the book itself and at the same time, give the Mo family a success repayment. As to how I learned all of this, that's still a secret for now." Shuang stated while smiling towards the stunned Mo Fang.
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