33 The Black Bandits

    Shuang was standing in front of an old village in the outskirts of town. She was wearing a green clothes with black outer robe. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail. Her face was covered in a black veil.

    She slowly walk inside the small village. She could hear wild cheers from surrounding crowd a far.

    Manzi was standing firmly as he looked sharply to the opposite man.

    "Manzi, I will never let anyone lead this group. Only the strongest has the right to lead!"

    "Wanyu, you are full of words! Let us start this fight and see who will stand to last!"

    "Manzi, I will give you a good beating that you will regret for siding that person who killed our leader and brother Tu! "

    The sounds of metal clashing were heared from the two men that were fighting each others in the battle ground.

    Shuang managed to pass through the cheering crowd and stand at the side silently watching the fight. No one even noticed her as an outsider as the crowd were focused on the fighting men.

    The two men were both strong and no one shows to back down.

    "Wanyu, I will never regret for choosing to follow the person who killed the previous leader as she is more capable than the wicked Ho Lang! The whole Bandits Gang should be honored under her lead and I will do as she ordered me to do and  that is to eliminate who ever opposed her!" Manzi change his move and quickly attacked Wanyu.

    Wanyu did not prepared for Manzi's sudden change of movement. This surprised him and failed to protect his critical spot.

    "Wanyu, I know you planned to take over the gang after the leader but sadly the Master who took down the previous leader effortlessly will take over this gang with grace and blood." Manzi pulled his sober that penetrated from  Wanyu's heart.

    Manzi stood up into the middle surrounded by the now silent crowd.

    "Whoever wish to join me raise their weapon and surrendered wholly to the new leadership. Those who will not shall leave silently and those who oppose come and fight with me!" Manzi command with a voice of authority to the silent crowd.

    There were a silence from the observing crowd. Then they broke into whispers and followed by some debates. The whispering and debating last a little longer then one man suddenly yell,

    "Senior Manzi, I Fuli will abide to the new leadership of the gang." A young man with breaded shoulder length hair speaked within the crowd.

    "Hahahahaha! I Lufan believes brother Manzi's judgement." Another burly man with a gourd in one hand step out and joined Manzi.

    Afterwards, big numbers of the gang joined in while few others walkout.

    Shuang silently skipped from the crowd and slipped into the big underground hall.

    Manzi lead the group who joined in to the biggest house in the village down to the underground passage. Now that he succeeded the take over, next will be the discussion about their new management and their designated assignments.

    Manzi pushed the door open but was stunned to see the figure inside whose sitting in the main chair leisurely while one hand was under the head with both eyes closed that seemed to be sleeping. The view was breathtaking like a live beautiful painting displayed by them.

    The people behind Manzi were confused for his sudden stop. They followed his line of sight and they immediately held their own breath. The scene in the front was simply naturally alluring even half of its face was covered by veil it didn't lessen the beauty of the girl that owned the two beautiful brows and eyelids with long, thick and curved eyelashes.

    Manzi was in a dazed before he managed to blurt some words slowly.

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