34 Like An Expensive Porcelain Jar

    "Master..." Manzi blurted the word with reverence.

    Manzi's voice was low but the Black Bandits Gang heared it clearly and they were stupefied in an instant. Immediately they were clouded with doubts. 'What? Did I heared it wrongly? This goddess is their new leadership? Are you for real? This girl looks like did not even possessed some little skill. Did Manzi played joke on them?'

    The girl in the front slowly opened her eyes and looked at them. And again they found themselves in a dazed as though they were hypnotized by that beautiful pair of obsidian eyes. They felt like they were being sucked the further they look into that pair of eyes.

    "Oh, you are here already. That took so long."

    Shuang commented while she lazily stretched her body not minding the now more stupefied  gazes of the people in the entrance door.

    "Master, this servant is slow and weak please punish me." Manzi automatically fall his left knee on the floor with a hold fist salute. He had never thought that this Master was watching the fight earlier. They did not even noticed her presence and now he made her wait longer.

    "Never mind, atleast you won the fight and managed to conveyed this people. Rise up and start your agenda." Shuang waved impatiently.

    "Thank you Master. Manzi stood up relievedly. "Master these are the people that choose to follow you." Manzi introduced his group and ordered them to enter one by one.

    Shuang silently observed each person that was introduced by Manzi. She cannot help but to twitched the corner of her mouth as she observed every one of them.

    "Manzi, group them into six and line them up horizontally." Shuang ordered  as she twisted the tip of her hair. A playful glint flashed through her obsidian eyes.

    Manzi obliged and group the people accordingly. Some of the people obeyed silently while some rolled their eyes and others sneered. These different reaction was not missed by the pair of beautiful eyes who was secretly observed them despite their numbers. The hall was big enough to occupy the ninety men as the room was designed for gatherings.

    "Master they are grouped as you ordered."  After awhile Manzi stood back near Ren Shuang with his head slightly lowered. Just as Manzi finished his words, there was a sudden loud voice heared through the whispering crowd.

    "Brother Manzi, I respected you for you are strong enough to manage us but I never thought that you will be blinded by this woman's allure and let our group in her leadership even she is just a weakling."

    "Senior Brother Lim is right. We choose to follow you but not to the weakling like her who only used her beauty to manipulate power."

    "Brother Manzi, a woman like her is only good as a display material. You can take her as your wife and treat her preciously like a very expensive porcelain jar but not to the extent of making her the leader."

    "Right Brother Manzi, we will still respect her as she is your wife. Do not worry, we will never do harm on her."

    Manzi broke into cold sweat as he heared the words 'your wife' and he was very furious. 'These damned bastards! Disrespecting this little devil and even dragging me along. If you want to be dead, just do for yourselves do not dragged me along!' Manzi shot a murderous gaze towards the disrespecting and protesting men in different groups. He secretly looked the expression of the sitting little devil.

    Shuang stood up from her sit and slowly walk towards the grouped men.
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