35 A Porcelain Jar That Is Full Of Blood

    Lufan who was within one of the group was also confused of Manzi's decision. He silently observed the situation after hearing the disrespectful and protesting words of his brothers.

    Lufan looked at Manzi's direction and he was perplexed to see his brother's scared reaction as he secretly give a quick glance to the leisurely sitting girl after giving a murderous gaze towards the disrespecting and protesting men.

    "M-master, I ---" Manzi tried to talk when he saw the girl stood up.

    Shuang raise her left hand stopping Manzi's words.

    Manzi stopped his words when he saw the girl raised up her left hand that was covered in black leather glove. When he saw that playfulness glint in her eyes, he immediately trembled as he heared his scared heart beats heavily. 'F*ck! Here comes the devil.'

    Shuang smiled coldly behind her veil as her eyes flushed playfully as she watched the groups of men. She slowly walk towards the grouped men.

    The observant Lufan was not feeling well as he watched the calmness and that playful flushed on the girl's eyes.

    Shuang stood up in front of the first group where Lufan was.

    "Fuli, as one of the young men in this gang, you have struggled a lot before you were recruited and mostly killed around thirty three...no, its thirty five people in your hand to be exact." Shuang stated firmly.

    Fuli was shocked. 'How could this young lady know the exact number of people he killed?' No one knows of it aside from him. Before he joined the Black Bandits Gang, he had already killed eight and adding to the numbers he killed when he joined in the gang will exactly give a total numbers of thirty five. Fuli looked at the veiled girl in shocked. 'Impossible.'

    The other men including Manzi heared Shuang's words and they frowned when they saw Fuli's shocked face. 'Is she right?'

    Shuang moved forward and stood up in front of the other members in the other group. The same situation was seen like she stood up in front of Fuli earlier. The gazes of the crowd were becoming more stunned as Shuang correctly counted the numbers of person they had killed judging by their brothers reaction.

    Shuang finally stood up in front of Lufan who was now secretly felt a little scared towards the girl.

    Lufan gulped as his mind thought 'She's not normal'.

    Shuang observed the slightly burly man in front of her. She noted this man as he was remarkably observant as Manzi.

    "This small ring sword is pretty cool. So you have this kind of weapon here huh." Shuang turned around as she played the small ring sword in her right forefinger.

    Manzi was stunned as he saw the familiar ring sword twirling in the girl's forefinger. He checked his waist where he slung his ring sword and found it missing. Instantly he broke into cold sweat. 'When did she snatched it? How did he not notice it?'

    The men looked at the twirling ring sword in Shuang's forefinger as it twirling faster and faster.

    Manzi who was already sweating cold in the corner become more tense as he saw the twirling ring sword of Lufan. Even he was baffled as how the girl managed to took it as he did not seen it too.

    Shuang faced the groups again. "You said that I was like a porcelain right?" Shuang said as her cold eyes swept through the crowd. "The porcelain jar has other uses too. It could used to stock aromatic wine or smelly blood..."

    The men suddenly felt chills when they saw the twirling ring sword in her forefinger disappeared.
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