36 Deathly Goddess

    The men suddenly heared a series of 'thud' sound around them. They looked around and paled immediately.  Cold sweat trickled down their now trembling body. Blood spurting from every sliced neck of the men that insulted the girl earlier. The air suddenly filled with heavy smells of iron as the wooden floor spilled with red liquid. The standing  men subconsciously touch their own neck and sighed.  They nervously turned to looked at the standing girl in the front.

    Shuang catched the flying back ring sword flawlessly with ease. "This tool is pretty good." She stated while tracing the clean edge of the blade with the tip of her fingers.

    "Oh, I spilled the liquid. Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk! I only a little porcelain jar so I can't stock so much but I don't mind spilling more so I could have free space to be filled up for more." Shuang stated playfully as she looked sorry at the spilled red liquid in the floor.

    The men were speechless as they looked now at the girl in different sight. They have different thoughts in them.

    'She's scary! Damn that was quick!'

    'She's definitely not the typical normal girl!'

    'In just a blink of an eye, she managed to killed them. It's good that they are not the one who blurted those words.'

    'Her skill is really a top-notch.'

    'Damn! Who said she's a weakling? She's definitely a big NOT!'

    "What's with that face? Why looked so scared suddenly? As if you have not seen a spilled blood before no?"

    The men broke out more in cold sweat. 'We are not scared to see a spilled blood. You are just too scary!'

    They were at this state when suddenly one guy fell on the floor while twitching. Then followed by another one. The same scenes happened in the other group.

    Seeing this scene, Manzi abruptly looked at the girl.

    "Oh-oh'. I forgot to mention that I put some poison in the air earlier when I am at the fighting ground."

    The remaining men felt prety scared now as they look to the girl. They were drenched in sweat as the death slowly coming to them. They immediately fell down on their knees.

    "M-master! We were wrong. Please forgive us!"

    "Master! We may be incompetent to some other things but we definitely do our best to serve you till our death. Please give us chance to prove our worth Master!"

    "Master, I am not afraid of death. My only regret is that I will no longer have the chance to serve an excellent Master like you! Manzi seriously stated at the side. 'It's my dream to meet and serve an excellent person. It's a pity that this Master has no plan to spare this lowly life of his.' Manzi was contemplating when a small porcelain bottle flew towards him. He clumsily catched it.

    "Stop begging and feed them the pills." Shuang commanded.

    Manzi stood up at an instant and immediately  feed the pills to his brothers. The pills looked similar to the one that the girl fed on him in the town when they tried to kidnap the girl. Nevertheless, Manzi still feed it to the brothers as he could see that the pill is effective against the poison.

    His brothers are all twitching on the floor already and he realizes that he's the only one who still able to move normally. And he reckoned that it has something to do with the pill.

    After feeding the pills, in just a minute everyone recovered instantly.

    The men looked at the girl in severance and thought 'She's not just a beauty but a deathly beauty. They will surely remember this mindfully.'
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