37 Not Done Ye

    "Master your pills is very effective. Thank you for sparing us!"

    "Master is really outstanding. Master is not only excellent in martial arts Master is also proficient in poisons and alchemy."

    The girl's poison is really rare. They did not even smelled it and the effect is very dire. They felt like they were being grilled in an extreme heat. They were shouting from the pain but their abilities were sealed. They were strained and only their minds and senses were functioning. The pain was torturous. Even if the girl was not the one who made the poison and the antidote, the fact that she was acquainted to that alchemist is already enough to feared the girl as the Alchemist is highly respected and very rare in the continent.

    "Alright proceed to the battle ground now to start the match." Shuang stated before she disappeared.

    The men were in a dazed at the empty spot where the girl disappeared.

    'She is not done with them yet?'

    "Hey! Quickly proceed to the battle ground now. Do not let the Master wait long or else." Manzi was the one to snap back quickly and immediately lead the groups outside.

    "Senior Brother Manzi. At first we really doubted your words when you told us that the leader has been killed. Specially when you told us that it was a girl. But it's not just a girl but a very young one." Xiao Ping chirped in lowly.

    "This young girl is really scary. How did the previous leader offended that little devil?" Lufan asked.

    "Oh yeah, how did the previous leader killed?" Fuli curiously inquired from the other side.

    Hearing Fuli, the other men were also curiously looking at Manzi as they wait for his answer.

    "Hey guys, don't mind with that issue now. You should mind what was the young Miss has planned to have us fight in the battle ground." The silent Xuyin reminded them back to the current situation they were going to face. Instantly they were silent.

    Manzi smiled bitterly upon hearing the question. Even he, did not really know how the girl managed to kill them. The only thing he knew was that the moment the girl get a hold of them they were already dead. He too, wondered if the girl also used poison that time.

    Manzi did not answer as they were already at the training ground. He saw the girl sitting at the highest chair that designated for the leader. The bustling crowd become silent as they reached the ground.

    "Manzi, Lufan, Fuli, Xuyin, Xiao Ping and Anquan. Lead each of the group. Your numbers follows accordingly to the sequence when I called your name."

    Manzi and the others automatically proceed to their own group according to their number sequence.

    "Each of your group has fifteen members. Every five members will fight from the group to the others. The 1st group will fight the 6th group. The 2nd will fight the 5th and the 3rd will fight the 4th group. The winner will fight against the winner untill only the remaining team that stand last will be the ultimate winner. Now let the match begin. And oh, this match will let me decide what to do with you later so better give your best shot to this match."

    The crowd became uneasy as they heared her words.

    "Master, do we need to kill each other during the fight?" One guy asked from the uneasy crowd.

    "Good question but its up to you either you are going to spare or you are going to kill." Shuang answered the gazing crowd.
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