38 Judgment Pill

    The next moment, clanking of metals and groaned will be heared from the battle ground and become the battle of the fiercest among the groups.

    It's already night time but the match is not yet to finish. Everybody was focused to the match and did not notice the time.

    After 3 days long of non stop battle, the match is finally over.

    The five leaders were stupefied to this long time match battle as will as the fighting members have the same reaction.

    'What kind of monstrous pill did they take?'

    Shuang was sitting in the chair while eating her dinner as the crowd gazed on her. During the period of the matched, she only leave the ground shortly to take a bath, change her clothes and eat. She was acting things like watching a long movie series in her Laptop. The only difference is that she do it in whole three days and two nights straight without even taking a nap.

    The Black Bandits Gang did not even have their food and water in this whole three days and two nights.

    They did not eat because they were forbid to but because they did not feel the hunger or thirsty at all. This was the effect of the pill that they had take in.

    "Master, your pills is very incredible. May we know what is the name of this pill? Lufan can't help but to asked.

    "Oh, I just randomly named it as a 'Judgement Pill'." Shuang answered.

    "Master you are the one who made it?" Lufan was shocked and so the others.

    "Why? Is it so shocking to knows and learned about making pills? Shuang frowned as she saw the shocked reactions of the small crowd.

    "N-no, Master. It's just that you are so incredible despite your young age." Lufan immediately clarified in a voice full of reverence. And immediately the five of them lined up in the front.

    "Master, these are the winners of the match.  Please order us what to do next." The five of them stood up in front of Shuang while in a hold fist salute.

    "Mmmmh. The winning team will be my black shadows. The second place and the third will be my family's personal guards. The fourth and the fifth will become the leaders of the small groups that I am going to make from the losing teams and those losers who will not be chosen will remain and trains more under the five leadears management. I will personally give you the lists of the training course. During the training period, the leaders will also trains hard. After six months I am going to judge you again and those who failed my expectation will be punished severely." Shuang stood up. Stretched her body before she slowly walked down from her sit.

    "Manzi, buy this things for the organization and find a place that is more convenient for all to stay. This place should also appropriate for the trainings that I give to you. I will be back in three days and all the things that I said should be ready by then."

    Shuang started to walked away but stop as she forgot something.

    "Oh, by the way buy a lot of foods tonight and have the rest a bountiful dinner." Shuang continued her steps grabbed her horse and ride towards a certain direction. Leaving behind the lively cheers from the Black Bandits Gang.

    She arrived at the town and check in one of the inn. After washing and changing, she lied down her tiered body in the soft mattress and immediately fall asleep.
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