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    Shuang wake up late in the morning. After stretching her body, washing and changing her clothes she check out and eat her brunch at one of the small food stall in the town.

    Shuang arrived home in the afternoon.

    "Shuang'er, finally you are home." Mo Shan greeted the girl after taking off from the horse.

    "Mother." Shuang smiled and hugged the beautiful woman. Mother Shan is only thirty three. She's also like a sister to her as she was already thirty in her past life. At first, she felt uncomfortable calling her mother but was accustomed to it eventually later as she resides in the body of a fourteen years old girl.

    At dinner time, Shuang discussed the things she had done in three days while she was in town. She just told them the matters about hiring a guards and a little about their backgrounds but not the whole matters about the bandits as it's safer for them to know a little.

    Late at night, Shuang runs up to the small hill and climbed to sit at the usual spot on the big rock and sing a song from her past life. She accompanied the song with the zither she had Father Tao made.

    'your whole life you used to wait

    wait for flowers to bloom early

    season has come and new flowers have bloomed

    you have left and gone away

    wild chrysanthemum flowers have overtaken the cottage

    the steps to the mountain roads are gotten harder to reach

    your loved ones have come and departed

    are you also helpless in heaven?

    It was once you were part of my heart

    It was once you were part of my world

    a garland weaves in bunches of wild chrysanthemum flowers

    In my heart I yearn for an unbloomed place

    the unbloomed flowers...'

    Shuang's melodious voice and the sound of her zither echoed through the silent night. Fireflies are flying around her as she sing the whole song while she was bath in the radiant of the bluish moon. Her long black hair and her white dress were carried and flapped gracefully as the night wind blows gently.

    This beautiful scene was captured entirely by the pair of two dark eyes as he was lead to the place by the melodious sound of the instrument and the enchanting voice.

    Shuang stop her play as she threw the small knife towards the direction where the figure hide.

    The person was startled by the sudden attacked from the girl. Nevertheless, he avoided it easily.

    Shuang jumped from the rock as she threw a series of another three small knives to the scaping figure.

    She had felt the person's presence when she was at the end of her play and attacked the person instantly right after she ended the song.

    She always carries the six pieces of small knives in her. Father Tao made it for her like the design that she wanted and Grandma Ren made her a leather holder for the knives that is being tied in her right arm.

    She followed the fleeing figure while she picked back the knives that penetrated to the tress.

    She felt a little annoyed as the person successfully avoided her attack at the same time she was excited. It's the same feelings that she felt when she was pursuing a target when she was still in the organization in the past life.


    He was astonished by the girl's level of skill and was shocked to fully saw the girl's face. It was the girl that managed to trespass his secret place.

    From a far, two figures were flying and jumping from tree to tree under the moonlight. The black robe person was being pursued by the figure in white dress.
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