40 The Man In a Silver Mask

    Feng Weiyi glanced back to the pursuing girl and his lips curved into smile. The little girl is quite persistent.

    Shuang saw that the person in black robe is really fast and she can not catched him with just her current speed. 'Guess I need to used that skill'

    Shuang have some special abilities. Aside her ability to see the colors of emotions and can smell the bloods of the dead people, she can also transport swiftly from distance to distance by blending her body to the wind. She did not know how she acquired these two skills. All she knew was she can already see those weird colors and smelled bloods when she was young and discover her swift move when she faced dangers for the first time. These skills helped her a lot when she became all alone until she was recruited by the organization.

    Shuang disappeared from her current place and appeared in front of the man.

    Weiyi was shocked to see the pursuing girl in front of him.

    "Surprise.." Shuang greeted the silver mask man while her both hands with a knife in each swiftly attacked the startled man.

    Weiyi was stunned momentarily and almost hit by the knife of the attacking girl. The two of them exchange blows of offense and defense.

    Shuang flip over to Weiyi's back as Weiyi also bend and twirled out from her attack.

    "Little girl, you are quite skilled." Weiyi commented as he stand back a little distance away from the girl.

    Shuang was a little surprised to heared his baritone voice.

    "And so you are. Tell me, what did you do to this place? Who are you?" Shuang asked the silver mask man in front of her.

    "I do not mean harm as I only intended to pass by but I was interrupted by the sound of zither and your melodious voice." Weiyi honestly confessed.

    "Oh really? I wonder where did you came from as you still travel this late at night?" Shuang doubted his words as the man came from the direction opposite to the direction of the town. What irritates her more is that her vision ability is useless against this man. She can't see the colors of his emotion but she could smell the thick bloods of the dead people from him..

    'He had killed so many. His numbers of killings is even greater than the numbers of mine.'

    "Believe me, I was on the other side of the forest to collect some herbs. " Weiyi pulled out some fresh plucked herbs from his robe showing it to the doubting girl. "The herbs is just needed so urgently that I decided to enter the forest despite its danger."

    Shuang looked at the eyes of the silver mask man intently. Then she suddenly disappeared  and reappeared beside the man.

    Weiyi automatically dodge her attacked again but the girl seems to predict his move as she was at his back again the instant he dodge her. He tried his best to avoid her attack but he was still hit slightly by the other knife in his left shoulder.

    Weiyi was just barely avoided her attack when the girl suddenly appeared again in his side. 'Damn! This little sly.'

    Weiyi blocked and countered her attack. They were in a close combat that they almost hugged each other then they will sometimes take a distance and engage in a close combat again. Their movements were both swift and graceful. The scene looked like they were dancing instead of fighting. They were flipping, kicking, blocking and twirling mid air above the branches of the trees.
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