41 Unexpectedly

    Weiyi has a faint smile on his face as the two of them continued on their exchange blows up to the edge of the cliff. He had never thought that this girl could fight with him up to this point. It's already been so long since he met someone that could fight with him like this. This girl really caught his attention.

    Shuang watched the guy intently like a tiger watching his favorite prey. The guy exceeded her expectation at the same time she felt slightly unease to know that their is someone like him in this place who could fight with her like this. This knowledge give her some worries for the safety of her family. If there is someone like him in this place, the possibility that there might be others out there too that are skilled and strong as him or might even be stronger than him.

    She doesn't want to loose someones dear to her anymore. It was enough to loose Alex in the past. Thinking about this a murderous glint flashed in her two obsidian eyes as she watched the guy intently as she started to make her moves promptly with determination.

    Weiyi felt a sudden chills as he felt the changes of the girl when she made her next moves against him. This realization hits him to learned about the girl's intention towards him.

    The faint smile on his lips disappeared and his eyes became serious as he watched the girl's movements. The girl's blows this time were fatal as he blocked them carefully.

    Shuang saw that the person became more serious in their fight as well as he blocked her blows and started to made a move against her offensively.

    Weiyi felt uneasy to learned that the girl intended to kill him. He did not feel right about this. He was a little destructed to this foreign emotion but this glimpse of moment was enough to made Shuang's kick hit him successfully in the chest. He was sent flying off from the cliff. 'Oh-oh, not good.'

    Shuang felt a little delight when her kick hits him successfully that will surely sent him fall from the cliff  but instantly startled when she was wrapped by a thin silver silk around her waist and was also dragged off from the cliff.

    Weiyi pulled the girl over towards him as his silver silk wrapped her slim waist. The girl was startled by this move and successfully dragged her off and joined his fall.

    Weiyi instinctively shielded the girl into his embrace when they were hit some of the few falling debris from their fall.

    Shuang didn't expect that the guy managed to dragged her off to joined him falling down the cliff. She tried to rip off the silver silk that wrapped around her waist when suddenly the guy pulled her closely and rolled over to put her under his body while embracing her protectively as she saw the slightly big rock hits his back.

    Shuang was shocked to his sudden action. She was in a dazed until both of their body hits the surface of the cold water.

    Weiyi was surprised to his own action as well. He immediately protected the girl when he saw that the big rock will surely hits her. When he put her under his embraced, it's also an avoidable for him to sniff her sweet fragrance. He was in thrilled to her smell that he forgot about the rock as his mind was occupied by her sweet fragrance. He subconsciously buried his face in her white and fair neck as he smelled the sweet fragrance of roses in her. Only the cold splashed of water snapped him back from his dreamy state.
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