42 Wary

    The coldness of the water snapped the two of them back to the present.

    Shuang pushed him away to freed herself from his embraced and swam to the nearest shore.

    Weiyi used his qinggong and land to the opposite side of the shore. He watched the girl who managed safely out from the water. Behind his mask, he had a frowned and looked troubled as he watched the girl on the opposite side. Suddenly, he looked towards a certain direction as his frowned deepen and more troubled. Instinctively, he left instantly.

    Shuang looked back to the water and to the opposite side of the shore as she catched a glimpse of the disappearing figure. Just as the figure disappeared, she heared a sudden rustles from the leaves and bushes as a running sounds was coming nearer towards her direction.

    Heiye's black figure appeared from her sight. The guy looked relieved as he saw her being safe. Then his pair of red eyes squinted to the certain direction where the figure just disappeared a seconds ago.

    "Heiye, your are late." Shuang commented. Partially complaining and partially amused by the black wolf's instinct action of rescuing her. She was actually surprised that this guy has a skill like this. Being abled to detect when she was in danger.

    Heiye looked depressed as he was fizzled to do his job.

    Looking at this, Shuang laughed and delighted a little bit from her troubled self inside.

    Shuang was laughing when Baixue came. He was also relieved to see his Master being safe and looked confused when he saw his brother's reaction while his Master was laughing.

    Shuang walked forward and ruffled Heiye's ears while she beckoned Baixue to come over and did the same thing to the white wolf.


    "Help! H-help! -elp!" The little girl was splashing her porcelain white little arms as she tried herself to swim.

    The walking man in the shore heared the faint voice and saw the little girl drowning. He immediately ran and leaped in the water to save the drowning little girl.

    The little girl was coughing and vomiting the salt water and lay back weakly as she was trembling from the cold.

    Shuang opened her eyes as her sweat covered her slightly paled delicate face. She was breathing heavily while Heiye and Baixue looked at her worriedly in the bedside.

    After steadying back her breathing, Shuang got out from her bed and drank a cup of cold tea from the teapot in the small table inside her room. She slowly sat down the chair and thought back about her dream.

    That dream was happened in the past in Beihai when she was nearly drowned in the sea as she was trying to get her wishing bottle that was thrown away when she was being bullied by the three children.

    'Jeez, I dreamed of that maybe because of what happened earlier when I fell down from the cliff down to the river below.'


    In a certain room in a certain building, a figure was standing in the balcony as he was deep in thought.

    "My Lord."

    Weiyi turned around when he heared the man's voice.

    "Did any of you noticed something unusual happened in the dark forest when I was not around?"

    The guy was startled about his Lord's inquiry. 'Was there something happened in the forest that they failed to notice?' The guy was worried but he answered "No, My Lord."

    "Send some of the dark shadows to investigate the dark forest and give me the information about the girl in the family who lived near the forest."

    "Yes, My Lord." The man answered before his figure vanished in the dark room.
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