43 The Severity of Judgement Pill

    Manzi and the other four Senior Leaders had a solemn atmosphere around them as they looked at the three dead bodies inside the house in one of the small houses in the village. Dried bloods flowed out from their eyes, noses, ears and mouths. Base on their appearances, they probably died in the middle of the night when the village were asleep.

    "How did this happen?" Fuli voiced out.

    "They looked like they were poisoned." Lufan frowned deeply as he stated.

    "But who has the guts to do this?" Fuli was startled as well as the others around.

    "We must investigate this. Asks around about what this three did things before last night. Somebody may have saw them beforehand." Manzi said to the other four co-appointed Senior Leaders.

    The four nodded and did the investigation separately.


    Shuang helplessly looked at the two stubborn  wolves in front of her. She was already in the middle of the woods when she noticed that the two wolves secretly followed her to her journey back to the Town.

    Baixue looked at her in a puppy eyes manner as he occasionally rubbed his smooth and thick white fur around against her legs.

    Heiye on contrary, averted her gazed and stubbornly stood still in front of her. Shuang raised her left brow as she looked the black wolf. Between the two, this guy always act like the big brother that always lead the younger brother. He was like a matured human who decides and do things maturely according to his own instinct specially when it comes to her safety. Baixue was the sweet and playful one but he will always followed his brother when it comes to her safety matter. Sometimes she can't help but to thought that the two of them were actually a human who disguised as a wolves.

    "Urgghh! Fine, but you have to followed me discreetly so people will not be frightened by the both of you. Well anyway, you two have a keen noses so it's easy for you to avoid encountering someone that might see you in the road." Shuang gave up and kicked the horse to start moving towards the direction of the Black Bandits Gang small village. And that's how the certain two wolves followed her happily.

    The guards at the entrance recognized Shuang immediately as she was approaching. One of them immediately left his post and shouted as he ran towards the Senior Leaders current office.

    "The Great Master is back! The Great Master is back! Everybody, the Great Master is back!"

    When the bandits heared this, they all scrambled immediately as they hurriedly ran and gathered in line outside as they welcomed the approaching figure who rode in a brown horse.

    "The Black Bandits Gang welcome back The Great Master!" They all greeted uniformly as they performed their hold fist salutes and sword-holding salutes.

    Shuang was startled by this sudden welcome gesture but she just nodded slightly with a straight face as she got down in her horse and immediately one of the bandits assisted her horse as she slowly walked towards the five Senior Leaders in the forefront.

    The five chosen Senior Leaders were in lined in the forefront as they also performed the same gesture when the little girl was now standing in front of them.

    Shuang nodded slightly and continued walking as she ordered to the five men walking behind her in an obedient manner.

    "Gathered everyone to the meeting hall."

    Shuang listened to Manzi's report and learned about the three dead bandits. She automatically twitched the corner of her mouth.

    "Burned their bodies and there's no need to investigate further as it's within my expectation from my Judgement Pill" Shuang stated casually.

    The bandits were shocked and felt the familiar fear and uneasiness as they heared the little devil's statement as they thought, 'They all died because of the the same pill that they had taken? Why? How? Then what about us?'

    They were contemplating inside when one of them fell down and convulsed. Seconds later, bloods flowed out from that person's ears, eyes, mouth and nose. Exactly the same situation that they had seen from the three dead bodies of the bandits earlier.
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