44 Goddess of Death and Beast of Death

    "There's this saying 'A Wise Men Choose Better and The Fools Seek End... Heed me and you will be rewarded betray me and you will be dead'... it's simple as this"

    The men were really scared as they were drenched in sweat upon hearing the girl.

    "G-great Master, how is it related to our dead brothers? I-I mean the Judgement Pill?" Fuli tried hard not to trembled as he asked the little devil courageously.

    "My Pill is one of my master piece. It can give you ultimate resistance against many kinds of deathly poisons, boost your energy, healed your injuries in a fast pace but it has one ultimate effect, it has one of my secret component that directly affects the nerves cells in the brain. This component may help you block your senses against pain but it can turned deathly when it can detect betrayal upon your thought. As this component defuse in all your brain nerves, it can also detect each of your single thoughts. Once a betrayal reaction triggered, this components will automatically  attack your brain cells and 'boom' your brain will be like a smashed melons inside your head. Afterwards, you will look exactly like that guy." Shuang pointed the now dead body of the man that was just convulsing earlier.

    Great horror displayed in each of the men inside the hall. They were now looking fearfully at this big devil that was just disguising in a facade of innoscent and alluring beauty. They gulped in much difficulty as they felt like there were something big that blocked their esophagus because of the great fear they felt.

    Most of them started thinking repeatedly  random thoughts like,

    'Our Goddess is awesome!

    'Great Master is so-so- magnificent!'

    'Great Master will forever be my Master!'

    'Master is formidable!

    'Master will be now like my great great great Grandmother!'

    They repeatedly thought these words inside their heads as they were afraid that the so called trigger will activate if they unintentionally thought words that can be considered as betrayal. So repeatedly praising her in their heads was a safe zone to them.

    "There's no need to be afraid. As I said, the trigger will only be activated if you are going to go against me. Any sort of betrayal thought will be detected so if you valued your life, better not dare to go against me. I will reward those who follow me and stand by me through thick and thin line and the opposite thing will happen to those who are recklessly foolish enough."

    The men listened fearfully and attentively

    to the little girl's words.


    Shuang just finished assigning their designated duties when the entrance door opened followed by the two figures coming in.

    The men were too startled to see this legendary figure as a wary flashed through their eyes.

    'Sh*t! Wolves?

    ' F*ck!'Wolves!

    The men were shocked when they saw the two deathly wolves ran and hopped towards the girl and happily started rubbing their body against her.

    Shuang twitched the corner of her mouth as she looked at the two wolves. Heiye and Baixue looked around the men and letting out a small growled. Afterwards, the two wolves stand side by side with her with  an imposing aura.

    'Master is really great as she managed to captured this legendary animals.'

    'They really suited to be with each other as they were looked like weak and adorable but they were actually the Goddess of Death and the Beast of Death.'


    Shuang was brought to their new base and she was satisfied. After a while she left and the two wolves followed her from a distance.

    The first step of the plan was successfully accomplished.  Now, the second step will be started soon.
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