45 To The Southern City

    A big and plain wooden carriage was pulled by the three horses running under the woods. The carriage was accompanied by five swords men that were mounting on five horses. The five swords men were clad in brown leather armor. The coachman was dressed in a plain black clothes. These people excluded an air of strength around them that others will feel wary of them.

    Inside the carriage, three figures were sitting inside. A beautiful middle age woman that was dressed in green with printed peony flowers and a golden hairpin that ornament her still black hair that was tied up into a big bun. She was gently fanning herself with a light green fan. Next to her was a woman in her early thirties but only look twenties because of her delicate and charming beauty. She was dressed in blue with white orchids flowers. Her hair was tied in the right side into a lose bun and ornamented with tiny white orchids flowers that was made from soft silk and tiny silver pins. In the opposite side was a young girl in her fifteen. She was dressed in a light purple dress with printed white falling feathers. She was wearing a white veil. The upper half of her hair was braided into a fishtail and tied it with a small piece of white silk. She let the rest of her hair swung freely at her back. She only wore a silver flowers forehead crown as her ornament. She looked simple but the impact was very captivating and alluring even half of her face was covered in a white veil.

    "My grandaughter is really beautiful and wonderful we are truly blessed." Grandma Ren said as she admired the enchanting beauty in front of her.

    "You are right mother, Shuang'er is really a blessing to us." Mother Shan sighed in delight as she admired her daughter.

    Shuang giggled as she remembered the reaction of Father Tao and Great Uncle Mo when the three of them walked out from inside the house.

    Shuang was the one who made the entire makeovers to the two ladies. By applying the modern way of makeover,  Grandma Ren and Mother Shan transformed into a total level up beauties that Father Tao and Great Uncle Mo's dropped their jaws as their gazed were totally glued to the two of them. She remembered how many times she cleared her throat and called their names just to snapped the two men back.

    "Grandma is beautiful, brave and capable. A woman of virtues. Mother is lovely and charming. A very loving and sweet, praising me is praising yourself too as I am your daughter. Like mother like daughter and like grandmother like grandaughter." Shuang stated lovingly as she praised back the two beautiful women in front of her.

    Grandma Ren and Mother Shan blushed as they were praised by their beloved Shuang'er. They were truly happy to have her in the family.

    "Shuang'er, are they the guards that you were talking about?" Grandma Ren asked.

    "Yes, Grandma."

    "I can sense that they are not simple even the coachman."

    "Grandma is truly have a keen eyes." Shuang smiled as she confirmed.

    "How did you get them to work with us, Shuang'er?" Mo Shan asked her daughter as she heared their conversation.

    "Oh, I just intimidated them with my fighting  skills." Shuang stated playfully. "Don't worry Grandma, Mother, they are loyal I can assured that."

    The two ladies let out a sigh of relief after hearing her assurance.

    Xuyin, who acted as a coachman twitched his lips bitterly as he thought, "Young Madam, your daughter is correct. She intimidated us with her 'deathly skills' that all of us have no chance to scape even on our own thoughts."
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