46 Encounter In The Road

    It's a three days travel to reach Southern City. Their carriage will only stop for them to eat. Baixue and Heiye will go hunting at night for their food. Xuyin and his brothers were still wary of the two wolves so they always took a distance away from the two big dogs as always as they can as they were afraid of the two. Baixue and Heiye were becoming bigger and broader as the months passes by. Their senses improved greatly too as well as their skills.

    Shuang has the feelings that the two wolves still have not unleashed their whole potential.  So she's very excited to wait and to discover  their other hidden skills.

    Shuang, Mother Shan and Grandma Ren sat around the bonfire while Xuyin slowly grilling the wild rabbits meat. The five swordsmen were guarding around the area. Heiye and Baixue slumped besides where Shuang sat down.

    Shuang took her erhu and played a piece of 'Jasmine Flower'. The melodious sound automatically captivated the people around.

    "Shuang'er, what's the title of the piece you are playing?" Mother Shan asked after the music ended.

    "It's jasmine flower, Mother. "

    "Aiya! Shuang'er is really capable. You are not only good at medicines, you are also good at instruments. What could it be else that you are capable of?" Grandma Ren clicked her finger.

    'She's capable of poison too. Killing ruthlessly and expert in weapons. Your grandaughter has the complete opposite of her sweet image, Madam Ren.' Xuyin and the other five voiced out in their minds. 'Oh right,  what could it be the other things that this devil Master of them is capable of?' The six men wonders in their thoughts. Just as the six of them contemplating,

    Heiye and Baixue stood up abruptly as they growled while looking at the certain direction.

    Shuang stood up as well while patting the heads of the two wolves. She beckoned Mother Shan and Grandma Ren to follow her back to the carriage.

    "Secure the area. Xuyin, continue on your grilling. She ordered the six men and said to the two wolves, "Boys, go to the back of the carriage first. We don't want our guests to have a sudden heart attack the moment they will see you two."

    The five men automatically scattered around the area. Three of them were standing in the direction where Heiye and Baixue looked at earlier. Xuyin continued on his work while Shuang led the two ladies back to the carriage as the two wolves headed at the back too.

    Moments later, a running foot steps were approaching towards their direction. Then a figure of a twelve years old boy came into view with the help of the light from the bonefire. Shuang and the others were surprised but their expressions became serious all a sudden.

    The boy has a chaotic appearance. His clothes was torn. He got wounds around his body as he was covered in blood.

    When the boy saw the people in the front, he automatically ran closer to them as he was asking for help.

    The three men in the front were startled a little when the boy dropped his knees in front of them.

    "Sir, please help me..." He was crying as he begged while his trembling hands held their legs.

    "Sir, please help me please...h-help m-"

    A sound of 'thud' was heared after the boy's trembling voice stop. The three guards looked at the carriage as though they were asking of what to do with the begging young boy.

    Inside the carriage, Shuang saw everything happened outside and heared the young boy's plea.
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