47 Encounter In The Road 2

    "Shuang'er..." Mo Shan looked at her daughter after witnessing the miserable situation of the young boy.

    Grandma Ren also had the same pleading eyes.

    Shuang smiled at the two women, then she turned her head as she stated,

    "Heiye darling, I need your help. Bring the young boy out of here until things is being settled."

    At the back of the carriage, a certain black wolf has a straight face reaction after hearing the way his Master ordered him.

    Baixue reacted too as he tilt his white furry head to Ren Shuang. He let out a small wanning sound.

    "Oh SWEETIE, you need to stay here to help us in case." Shuang emphasized the endearing word to the certain jealous white.

    Baixue let out a satisfied growled after hearing his owned endearment. He turned to his brother and tilted his head towards the direction of the boy. As if ordering his brother to hussled his work before he slumped back down again. Heiye gave his brother a deadly glare before he left.

    "Tie the boy at the back of Heiye and clean the trail of the boy from us immediately."

    The three men automatically heeded the order even though they were a little bit scared of the black wolf.

    After securing the boy, Heiye ran away to the other direction. The guards resumed their posts. Xuyin continued on his grilling.

    Moments later, a hurried foot steps can be heared coming to their direction. Then, a group of people slowly came into their view. The five men automatically lined up in the front of the displaying figures. They exuded a heavy atmosphere around them as they eyed the invading people sharply while holding and slowly unleashing their swords.

    The coming people were startled to see the five men that were looking at them intently while positioning for a fight.

    But when they saw that they were only six of them, they instantly recovered their attitude and act fearlessly as they outnumbered the six men.

    "You! Who are you people? Have you seen a boy passed through this area?" The acting leader of the group started to asked.

    "We did not see anything. Your group is the only people we see at this moment." One of the five guards answered in a deep voice.

    "Is that so? Well, we don't believe someone else words randomly unless we could check through roughly." The leader gave a hint of checking the inside of the carriage as a flashed of greediness glint in his pair of eyes.

    "No. You are not allowed to." Xuyin chirped in as he stood up while holding a cooked rabbit meat in his hands. The two whole rabbit meat were put and arranged in a wooden tray.

    "Eh, they have cooked food for dinner. Very timely as we are very hungry now, right brothers?" One from the group said around his group and they laughed.

    "Leave if you don't want to waste your life here." Xuyin said coldly as he walked towards the carriage. His attitude made the group angry.

    "Brothers, did you hear that? I guess they are the one who did not valued their life. Kill them and check the carriage!" The leader bellowed but before they can start their moves, the five guards already killed their other members. Their fast movements shocked the all of them. And before they knew, the fifteen numbers of them only have five people left.

    "An amateur dared to kill the top members of the Black Bandits Gang? How foolish!" Xuyin said as he continued to deliver the food while the five guards surrounded the now five scared men left from the group. Their swords were pointing at the necks of the five paled faces of the trembling men.
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