48 Encounter In The Road 3

    The five fools who acted brave earlier were now trembling in fear as the tip of the sword touched their necks. The leader almost got to pee and was sweating heavily. 'What? Black Bandits Gang?' They are the members of the Black Bandits Gang? Why of all the people they would encounter will be this kind of people? And they even foolishly choose to provoked these monsters?'

    "Young Miss, the food is ready." Xuyin presented the food with the other dishes that they have brought.

    "Mother, Grandma, please eat your dinner first." Shuang stated to the the two women as she started to take off from the carriage.

    "Shuang'er, why just let the guards settle this things?" Mo Shan said to the little girl.

    "Yes, Mother but I have something to investigate first personally. Don't worry, after I am done, I will leave the rest to our people." Shuang assured her mother as she patted her hands gently.

    "Believe in your daughter Shan'er. She knows what she's doing." Grandma Ren was more relaxed as she stated then she looked at the little girl assurily.

    "Thank you, Grandma. I will be back in a while." Shuang thanked Grandma Ren before finally climbing off the carriage and ordered the five guards to move the now tied men to the other area, a little bit further from the carriage as she did not want the women inside the carriage hears any bellowing sounds later. Before she followed, she stopped and said,

    " Baixue, communicate your brother to return now." Then she took out a porcelain bottle and handled it to the obediently standing Xuyin at the side.

    "Give the young boy one pill later when they return. Guard the carriage. "

    Xuyin took the small porcelain bottle and complied.


    Shuang ordered the guards to tied around the five men into the big tree. When she stood up in front of the tied men, the five men suddenly found themselves momentarily dazed.

    "Well, well, well. May I know the reasons why you pursued the young boy earlier?"

    The five men were totally in a dazed when they heared the melodious voice of the mysterious beauty.

    The sound of a slicing flesh and the registering pain snapped them back from the dazed and they instantly growled of the pain. When they returned to their senses, the five guards were in the position of slicing their body parts again as they waited for the girl's command.

    "Now that you all have waken up, can I have the answer now?" Shuang asked again as she played the tip of her hair.

    It's only at this moment that the rouge men came to their senses that these members of the famous Black Bandits Gang were taking orders from this young girl.

    "Young Miss, we're wrong! Please, pardon us!"

    The leader cried loudly as his head tilted up and down repeatedly.

    Shuang raised her hand and the five guards slashed their swords again against the five tied men.

    Shouts of pain and cries resounded again in that particular area.

    "If I can't have the detailed answer again this time,..what will be the good parts to slice next? arms?...Legs?...or heads? Mmmmh.." Shuang stated playfully while she acted thinking deeply.

    The five rouge men were in horror upon hearing her words.

    They immediately confessed everything including the person who gave the orders to them.

    After getting the confession, Shuang let the guards handled the rest as she ordered before she goes back to the carriage.

    The young boy was already lying inside the carriage when she returned while Mother Shan was tending his wounds.
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