49 The Absolute Rule, The Starry Night and The Red Moon

    Mo Shan applied healing cream to the young boy's wound when Shuang returned.

    "How is he, Mother? "

    " Your medicine is very effective. His bleeding had stop already. He just needed some rest to fully recover but in an hour or two, he will soon regain his consciousness."

    Shuang nodded as she already expected the result.

    "By the way, how about those people? " Mo Shan asked.

    "I have handled their matters already. They were no longer a threat."

    Mo Shan sighed a relief. "That's good to know. What will you gonna do with this boy when he wakes up?"

    "That's depend on him Mother. Let us him decides when he wakes up."

    "Alright, let's have our dinner now that your back." Mo Shan said as she uncovered the lid of the foods.

    "You and Grandma did not eat dinner yet?"

    "No we waited, as me and your grandma wants us to have dinner together."

    "Come on now, Shuang'er." Grandma Ren beckoned her to sit.


    Xuyin looked at the five wounded and disheveled figure tied around the tree.

    "Choose. Live and serve our Young Miss or stand and died with your words? If you choose the first, take this pill and start serving the Young Miss. If you choose the second, we can give you the honor to die in our hands."

    The rouge men immediately made a choice and took the pill without hesitating.

    "Please,give the Young Miss our deepest appreciation and sincerity. We will be forever  loyal to the young Miss. And do as she told us to do."

    Xuyin nodded as he commanded the five guards to released them from being tied.

    "Betrayal is Death." This is the absolute Rule.  We uses code to contact each other. 'Starry Night' and 'Red Moon'.This is the two major codes from us. The fist one is the code for 'informations and assignments' and the last one is the 'Kill order'. The same goes to your group. 'Woods' will be your group code. Stay low profile. Your main job is to collect informations on businesses in the Southern City. From the surface to their background informations. Start from the smaller businesses. After five days, meet me in the small restaurant located at the end corner of Xiaohe street. Don't forget to settle the issue of the young boy. Now, leave."

    "Yes, we abide." The five men seriously answered before they left.


    "You are awake, how are you feeling?" Mo Shan asked the boy the moment he regained his consciousness.

    The boy looked confused as he looked at Mo Shan then to the other two women around.

    "W-where am I?" The young boy asked as he tried to sit up.

    "We took you when you asked help to our guards earlier."

    The boy automatically kowtow when he heared what Mo Shan said.

    "Thank you Madam! Thank you for saving my life! I will pay this gratitude with my ownself. Please take me as a free servant. I will work with no salary and let Madam decide my fate."

    Mo Shan was a little startled by the young boy's words. She looked at her daughter asking for her opinion.

    The young boy was smart as he realized that the final words will be from the veiled young girl. So he reposition his body to Shuang and kowtow again as he plea.

    "Why did the rouge men pursued you?"

    The young boy was startled upon hearing the girl's voice full of authority. The voice was melodious but its sounded like from the deep abyss to him. He subconsciously felt scared towards the young girl.

    "I-I worked at the pastry house in the Southern City. My boss assigned me to delivered pastries to Madam Hong's residence every two days. Until one day upon my delivery, I saw Madam Hong lying on the floor. Bloody. And I saw another person standing in front of her. I was so scared that I panicked. I left immediately and wandered in the street for a while. Calming my self and clearing my head. I don't know what to do, so I decided to tell this to my boss as I can't decide.

    When I went back, I learned that people from the Hong residence was looking for me. My boss is a good person. He did not sell me, instead he warned me and helped me scape. I didn't have the time to tell him what really happened but I reckoned that he had already  guessed. And that's the start of my run up to now.
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