50 Encounter In The Road 4

    "What's your name?"

    "Young Miss, this servant is called Xiao Bing but the Young Miss can give me a new name."

    "Betrayal is Death. This is my absolute Rule. From now on, you will be called  Jing Lin."

    "This servant is forever be grateful. I will be forever loyal to the Young Miss and will serve the family very well as I can." Jing Lin kowtow again to his Young Miss and the to the other two madams.

    Two days in the road to Southern City, Shuang's carriage was advancing steadily in speed when Xuyin suddenly held and stopped the horses that made the moving carriage stop clutchy. The people inside the carriage except Shuang, almost bumped to each other.

    Xuyin and the guards looked at the two appearing disheveled figures. They were both deathly pale.

    "P-please, help my Young M-master." The two disheveled men slumped on the ground as they lost their consciousness.

    "Xuyin, what's the matter?" Shuang heared and asked inside the carriage.

    "Young Miss, there's this two people suddenly jumped and blocked the road. I know one of them, the Young Miss may be interested." Xuyin informed.

    "Oh,? And why would I be interested?" Shuang raised her brows by the remarks of her coachman/caretaker.

    "Young Miss, this person is scholar Gu, the Young Master of the first Gu residence. Son of the Southern City Lord Gu Sheng."

    Shuang was surprised to hear Xuyin's words. She stood up and got out from the carriage.

    When she saw the appearances of the two persons lying unconscious on the ground, she suddenly frowned. The two persons were not the kind of normal and weak. She can tell from their features that they are skilled with fighting skills. What made her confused was, the two looked very exhausted and weak.They looked like they had lost a lot of blood from a difficult battle but they have no trace of wounds and injuries.

    Shuang checked their pulses and she was bewildered. 'Mental exhaustion? What sorts of things did these two had encountered?'

    "Where did they came from?" Shuang questioned her people.

    "Young Miss, they came from that direction." Tianhuo, the head guard answered her question.

    Shuang looked at the direction where Tianhuo pointed. If she's correct, that direction is going to the dark forest. She looked at the two unconscious men again as she wondered 'what part of the dark forest did this two entered?' Well, even she, hasn't explored it all yet, so the forest is still mysterious to her. Anyway, I can do it after clearing the matters about her family first and of course her personal matters to the Zhu family.

    "Xuyin, let them take a small drop of this tonic. They will soon recovered from their hallucinations." Shuang ordered Xuyin as she handed to him a small transparent bottle with purple liquid inside.

    Xuyin, the guards, Grandma Ren and Mother Shan were stunned from Shuang's statement.

    'These two were experiencing hallucinations? How?'

    Xuyin looked at the direction where Tianhuo pointed earlier. "Did the two of them entered the forbidden area of the dark forest?"

    "Probably, but I just don't know what part of the area these two entered as I haven't explored the entire forest yet."

    Xuyin and the guards were shocked to heared Shuang's words this time.

    "Young Miss has explored the forbidden dark forest before?" Xuyin blurted out.

    "Mmmmh. If not, where do you think I've got Heiye and Baixue? Quickly, give the tonic to that two person now." Shuang did not mind the shocked expression Xuyin and the other guards as she turned and entered back to the carriage. Jing Lin obediently followed her Young Miss. Grandma Ren and Mother Shan were not surprised as the guards, as they already knew about Heiye and Baixue's background.
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