51 Young Master Gu Jingshen

    After the two have drank the tonic, they slowly regained their consciousness.

    "Young Master, you're safe! You're safe!" The middle age man immediately checked the young man and let out a big sighed of relief when he had confirmed the young man's good condition.

    "Uncle Jiang, I'm alright now and you too." The young man also checked the middle age man before he turned his eyes to the black clothes man. "This man gives his gratitude to sir for saving our lives." Gu Jingshen said and gave a palm fist salute to Xuyin.

    "It's our Young Miss who save both of your lives. You should give the gratitude to our Young Miss' excellent in medicines." Xuyin stated in a straight face.

    Gu Jingshen was a little startled and awkwardly said, "Then sir, where is your Young Miss? So I can give my gratitude to her?"

    Xuyin turned around with no words, leaving the baffled Gu Jingshen. He signaled the infuriated Uncle Jiang at the side to calm down towards Xuyin's attitude.

    'This damned coachman, how can he not showed respect to the Young Master? Even if it was his Young Miss who saved us, he's still a servant!'

    Gu Jingshen saw Xuyin relying a message to the person inside the big wooden carriage. The carriage was plain and simple but he did not treat the person inside like ordinary. A young person with excellent knowledge of medicines and can hired people of this caliber is totally not that ordinary.

    After a moment, he saw Xuyin came back to them. "The Young Miss allowed you to talk outside the carriage." Xuyin lead the two men near the carriage.

    On the way, he asked Xuyin about his Young Miss' name.

    "Young Miss Ren, I am Gu Jingshen and this is my companion Uncle Jiang..." We give our gratitude to Young Miss Ren for saving our lives. Please allows me to pay this great debt, in anyway that the Young Miss want, as long as it is within my power..."

    There's a silence inside the carriage. Gu Jingshen and Uncle Jiang waited for a while before they heared a melodious voice inside.

    "Why did the two of you entered the inner part of the dark forest?"

    Gu Jingshen and Uncle Jiang were both stunned when they heared the girl's question unexpectedly. Afterwards, they hesitated and didn't know how to answer.

    "The two of you were experiencing hallucinations when you jumped out in the road. It's good that the both of you, have a good body foundation that you still have a little consciousness left when we saw the both of you in the road. If we arrive a minutes later or its you who  arrive later, I'm afraid, you will be dead by then. As the hallucinations will entirely consumes your minds by that time already. And that will surely brings you to your death."

    Gu Jingshen and Uncle Jiang paled and shivered after hearing the young girl's statement.

    They were twelve persons when they entered the forbidden area to looked for a 'Purple Blood Flower' as it's the best antidote for poison. They have sent already a first batch of twelve persons outside the outer part of the dark forest before they followed after a day. They all grouped into six and entered the forest in different areas as they don't want to raise suspension for this matter.

    The groups planned to meet in the center of their locations near the boundary area of the forbidden part. At first, it was just a normal peaceful but it became eerie later. The further they go, the peaceful surroundings becoming more eerily. Until each one of them, slowly disappeared from their views. As the men will suddenly run to the other directions or just instantly disappeared from their view.

    When it's only him and uncle Jiang left, they started to see floating black smokes in their surroundings. When the smoke touched his arm, he felt like he was being bitten by tiny crawling insects. And when he looked at his arm, he was horrified of what he saw.
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