52 Dilemma

    In his arms, he saw his sleeves slowly deteriorating as the black smoke turned into small black slimy leeches that crawling his arm and sucking his skin.

    In his horror, he panicky flicked his arm and rubbed his arm in the tree trunk. Uncle Jiang grabbed him and dragged him out to that place. The next scenes, were chaotic as they tried to avoid the black smoke and at the same time, ridding the leeches that were crawling ang sucking their body. They kept on running to the direction that will lead them outside of the inner part area of the forest as the black smoke continued to follow them.

    "The Young Miss asked you a question. Give the Young Miss your answers." Xuyin reminded the two of them as he slightly squinted his eyes.

    "This..." Gu Jingshen and Uncle Jiang exchanged glances.

    "I guess, you are not that grateful with my good deed as you find it hard to answer my question..."

    "Young Miss, it's not what you think. It's just that this matter is... confidential." Gu Jingshen tried to explain.

    "I don't care and I will never care about the matters you two have. I only mind my own business as I hate people meddling with other's affairs. I only asked this question because it's my first time encountering people who got hallucinations from the inner part of the dark forest as I entered the inner part of the dark forest myself too. And looking at your condition earlier, it's quite deadly. It's a good thing I have my tonic that is an antidote to hallucinations.

    "The Young Miss has entered the dark forest?  And it's in the inner part too?" Gu Jingshen asked as he cannot believed the Young Miss' words.

    Shuang knew, what on the other party's mind so she continued,

    "If you don't believe me, where did you think I get the ingredients of the tonic that I had you drank? Aside from that, I also asked you the question because seeing that you forcefully entered the forest despite its danger, I reckoned that you were looking for the thing that is urgently needed. As I said, I entered the dark forest before and I may have the things that you urgently needed right now." Shuang enticed.

    The two men were contemplating hardly as they face this dilemma.

    Trusting her words, who is a stranger to them, will give them a great danger as this matter was related to the safety of their family and their future standing.

    Denying the fact will still give them a great danger. As the forest is extremely dangerous. They almost died already if they were not being rescued timely. If they will return to the forest, they will need to bring another people from their family that is highly skilled. And the chances of success to their operation, is like a hair line, even their survival.

    Failing the operation and dying in the forest will get a double impact to their family as well and will surely bring a chaotic downfall. If they will asked for the tonic to fight the hallucinations, they are still not sure if that's the only danger in the forest. The hallucinations are just on the outer inner part, how about the deeper inner part of the forest? What sorts of dangers does it have waiting for them?

    Gu Jingshen was really troubled. He looked at Uncle Jiang who looked the same as well.

    "Trusting my words, will give you eighty percent of chance to accomplish your urgent matter and will give you a hundred percent of survival. But if you choose to go back in the forest, I will not stop you but I have no other anti-hallucination tonic in me. And believe me or not, the hallucinations that you had encountered, is not the only danger that lies in the inner part of the forest."

    "But you survived." Uncle Jiang commented. A slight hope brightened up in him as well as Gu Jingshen.

    'Right, if she survived, they can too. They will just have to avoid the part where the hallucinations is.'
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