53 Frightened

    Inside the carriage, Shuang twitched the corner of her lips. 'So stubborn'.

    At this time, the sun started setting down. And a moment later, Baixue and Heiye jumped out on the road from the side of the forest. Shuang's carriage did not took the main road but took the shorter road that is near to the dark forest as Heiye and Baixue are with them. The two wolves were have to run in the day as their carriage was not big enough to occupied them all. Besides, the carriage was only pulled by five horses. If Heiye and Baixue will mount the carriage, their speed of travel will be slowed down greatly as the two wolves were quite bigger now than the ordinary wolf size. They will just joined them if the carriage will stop during night time.

    Gu Jingshen and Uncle Jiang were startled and jump out in fright seeing the appearance

    of the two wolves all of a sudden. They immediately hide at the back of standing Xuyin who always had a straight face.

    Inside the carriage, Jing Lin got a fright too. It was his first time seeing the two wolves as he was unconscious last night and after waking up, he slept back again to fully regain his strength so he did not see the two wolves last night.

    Xuyin and the other guards were not yet accustomed to the two wolves too, so they still got startled a little bit every time they reappeared back as they were so fast and they also reappeared in different directions.

    Sometimes, they reappeared in their front, sometimes they reappeared where they have  their pee or when they were in the middle of their call of the nature.

    That's why, sometimes they can't help but to think that the two wolves did this to purposely teased them.

    Heiye and Baixue snarled at the two figures hiding at the back of Xuyin. The two wolves seems annoyed as they slowly encircled the two figures while snarling angrily at them.

    Xuyin was being poorly dragged back and forth by the two scared men. Until the guy can't take it anymore and pushed the two men hardly in the front. Heiye and Baixue watched the two men squinty as they encircling them around.

    Shuang got down from the carriage. Grandma Ren and Mother Shan smiled bitterly inside the carriage as they pitied the two scared men.

    "Heiye, Baixue...Don't scared them." Shuang coaxed the two wolves. "Thank you darling, thank you sweetie. Where are the catch from your hunting?"

    Baixue automatically rubbed his white furry head to Shuang. Heiye, as usual has a deadpan face while continuing eying the two men. Though, he stopped snarling.

    Gu Jingshen and Uncle Jiang were completely stunned of the sight in front of them. Either  because of the enchanting and mysterious beauty in front of them or the interacting scene between the two wolves and the young girl.

    "Aren't these two adorable, Young Master Gu, Mr. Jiang?" Shuang said to the two men while  caressing the two wolves.

    Hearing this, Gu Jingshen and Uncle Jiang were speechless.

    "I took them from the inner part of the dark forest myself. Besides my broad knowledge to medicines and poisons...they were my aids when I encountered dangers inside the dark forest too...." Shuang stated as she hinted the fact to the two men. The fact that she survived because, aside to her abilities and skilled in medicines, she has a strong aids beside her and trump cards under her sleeves.

    "Young Master Gu, I am a person with less hospitality and I reckoned that you have decided already. You won't find my action being rude if I will send you two out from here now, right?" Shuang asked as she rubbed her delicate hands gently on the heads of the two wolves.
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